– This is your scent –

Every evening I read a little from my favourite book: ‘How to be a Parisian’. Life lessons on becoming a Parisienne (I would like that with all my heart). It says for instance that you need to choose a signature perfume before your thirtieth. Now I’m in the luxury position of receiving perfumes very often so have the chance of testing and spraying all sorts of scents, but I’m almost 28 now, so I’ve decided to go searching for my signature smell. I think I’ve already found it, Jo Malone tailor made, but I’m going to keep looking anyway.

I recently stumbled across and article on about perfumes and personality. Six different types were discussed and the perfumes that matched with them. So you can view it in two different ways. If you’re still searching, then take a look at your personality type. If you think you’ve found it, you’ll know what personality type you’ve been labelled with. I find this type of thing endlessly interesting. And fun. And funny. So hereby the six.

Strong Individualist

Strong women almost always choose for perfumes with masculine elements. Strong, powerful and a little spicy. As far as ingredients go, you’re looking at leather, wood and amber. They smell ‘spicy’ due to the masculine element and are often used in men’s colognes. Don’t worry about smelling like your partner though,  because they are mixed with flowers, which give it extra softness and warmth. A woman that wears these perfumes generally has a individual personality. She’s not afraid to ‘play’ with the boys. The main benefit? Well if you don’t have any perfume at hand, you can also reach for your boyfriend’s beauty shelf.

Perfumes: Coco by Chanel, Cinnabar from Estée Lauder, Samsara from Guerlain, Vetyver from Jo Malone, Organza Indecence by Givenchy.

Social Butterfly

The social butterfly is described as a colourful and fun loving personality. You’ll wind a man around your little finger with these perfumes, because the ingredients are mostly sweet and loving. Things like apple, passion fruit and cherry. They may lean towards the sweet side but that only means that you’re social and charming and love having fun.

Perfumes: Be Delicious by DKNY, Ralph Wild from Ralph Laren, L’Exlixer from Nina Ricci, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Apple Splash from Marc Jacobs.

Sensual woman

Wear an oriental scent and you’ll be worshipped. They often contain rose, patchouli, tonka beans and musk. You’re definitely not afraid of showing your sensual side. Woman that wear these smells are wild and love being sexy. Or actually, they give off a sexy vibe. So if you want to be noticed, spray one of these on yourself:

Perfumes: Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Angel from Thierry Mugler, The One by Dolce & Gabbana, Shalimar from Guerlain, Gucci Guilty by Gucci and Dior Addict from Dior.

Natural Beauty

Elegance goes hand in hand with a green, fresh scent. They often contain ingredients like cucumber and green tea. Women who wear these scents are more often typecast as no-nonsense, sporty and they love the outdoors. A typical clothing style would be casual. Nothing wrong there, in fact very healthy.

Perfumes: Lime basil & mandarin from Jo Malone, Peace, Love and Juicy by Juicy Couture, Chanel NO. 19, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.


The dreamer loves water scents. These often have a ‘marine’ smell, so fairly light. What personality type? Laid-back, free-spirited and loving. They are usually very creative types that can lose themselves in books, or long walks and can spend hours admiring the sky.

Perfumes: Davidoff Cool Water, Michael Kors Island, Eau Oceane from Biotherm, L’eau par Kenzo by Kenzo, Thierry Mugler Womanity and L’eau d’Issey from Issey Miyake.

Girly Girl

Very feminine, but also floral. I’m talking about flowers like jasmine, lily and other fresh flowers. Ultimately feminine, that’s the spirit. And she’s proud of it. She glows and is not afraid of showing herself.

Perfumes: Daisy from Marc Jacobs, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Omnia Amethyste from BVLGARI and Rose The One from Dolce & Gabbana.