Sandrine is our woman in New York. She has Dutch roots but has lived in the most vibrant city in the world for more than twenty years. Doing what?

Being one of the top make-up artists. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, name someone and her brush has touched them. When I read that she had ‘done’ Leo di Caprio, I wanted to know absolutely everything, EVERYTHING. I get it, you get it.


SANDRINE, can we first ask how it’s going in new york? We’re hearing all these scary reports about snow storms?

About 6 feet of snow got dumped in the northern part of NY state, near the city of Buffalo, and there have been about 10 deaths up there, unbelievable for this time of the year but we didn’t have any snow in the city though it was bitterly cold for a few days!

And then about Leo the great. How did it happen, how was it, how was he, how were the two of you?

When I first moved to New York in the 90s, I started working with photographer Bruce Weber, and that’s how I got to work with Leo di Caprio.

Lasse Halstrom had directed a movie ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’, in which Leonardo plays the charismatic character of a mentally retarded  child that he ended up receiving an Oscar nomination for. Bruce wanted to photograph him immediately as he knew that Leonardo, then a young 20 year old, was about to embark on an amazing career as an actor, and Bruce Weber wanted to be the first to take his pictures so together with the editor-in-chief of Interview Magazine, Ingrid Sischy, he got his first story, the cover and an interview for the magazine, prophetically declaring his stardom. Leonardo was young, incredibly funny, sweet, and very comfortable being photographed. We were on location in Coney Island and he was charming, just a sweetie and very nice to me too.

Leonardo was young, incredibly funny, sweet and very comfortable being photographed

I believe you’ve done some pretty unusual productions since then, tell us more…

I worked on the GAP photo shoot for a number of years for advertising and commercials, and for the first time GAP consistently used the same team for 2 years with cool and interesting actors, musicians, artists and singers. I travelled to LA almost every month and stayed at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, where we would see Keanu Reeves leaving in the morning riding his vintage motorcycle to work, and Mickey Rourke hanging out at the bar downstairs at night, it was such a cool scene. I worked with people like Scarlett Johansson, Kiefer Sutherland, Seal, Juliette Lewis, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Tricky, Angelica Huston and Jeff Koons, and that’s just naming a few. Two weeks ago I worked with Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair magazine, with actors Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews, both from The Sound of Music…great experience, and what an honour to work with these talented people!

are you looking forward to the weekend after all that hard work?

Yes very much, though my work sometimes happens on the weekend too.

What time, where and with who does the TGIF-feeling begin for you?

Mostly around about 6pm, in a photo studio in New York, while packing my make up bag up, washing my brushes and thanking God that I won’t be seeing this bag for a few days!!!
On Fridays I mostly try and go to my dance practice called 5Rhythms, which is at a dance studio just around the corner from where I live, and I totally dance everything out for the next 2 hours, have dinner with my friends afterwards at a local Malaysian restaurant including a glass of wine and spicy ‘mee goreng’ with prawns and bok choi, yum!

Do you enjoy an alcoholic beverage on fridays or do new york girls only drink super healthy drinks?

Definitely. My favourite drink with dinner is a nice glass of Pinot Noir, I find that I never end up with a hangover from this wine. By the way, there are so many really cosy bars in my hood; a Scottish Whiskey Bar, a romantic Italian wine bar, a newly opened 1950s style Hawaiian cocktail bar, a little Jazz bar that has been there since the 60s, Employees Only for if you want to be picked up by a financial guy or get a tarot reading :):), and many have a happy hour from 5-7pm. New York girls definitely are into drinking alcohol, and lately I’ve been totally into trying new cocktails, so if am not dancing I may have a cocktail! I’m really into the Aperol Spritzer.

My favourite drink with dinner is a nice glass of Pinot Noir, I find that I never end up with a hangover from this wine.

Saturday is usually an early start, I have my routine; I jump in a cab with my beloved Jack Russell terrier Devi, and head up to Central Park for a nice morning walk where she can run around with other dogs off leash. Then we walk over to the cafe ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ in the park by Sheep’s meadow. I have a latte with my doggie friends, and then doggie and I head back downtown, I stop at the farmer’s market market for my fresh veggies, farmer’s eggs and freshly caught Tuna from Montauk, while Devi begs for scraps of cheese at the cheese stand :). Then we head straight over to Morandi, I absolutely love their brunch! Great outdoor seating, very ‘rustica Italian’ and you know how delicious brunch is there as I sent you girls there!!! :):):

 And then saturday IN NEW YORK. take us through it….

Always different, for instance last week Saturday; I spent all day in a sacred art class, drawing and painting a Chakra number 5 mandala ( yes, I am an artist too) in a quiet version of Williamsburg called Greenpoint ( basically how Williamsburg was back in the 90s), had lunch at a fantastic cafe around the corner called Troost, they served latte in glasses and I swore I felt like I was back in a brown bar in Amsterdam.

Always different, for instance last week Saturday, I spent all day in a sacred art class, drawing and painting a Chakra number 5 mandala ( yes, I am an artist too)

The Saturday before that I went on a 7 mile 4 hour hike at a gorgeous Sate Park called Harrison State Park, about 45 minutes drive north over the George Washington Bridge along the Hudson River. Such beautiful fall colours while hiking trails through low valleys and high mountains, with huge boulders from the ice age. Then afterwards on the way home, I stopped at a fantastic traditional Korean Sauna to soothe my sore feet and scrub my skin baby soft with seasalt and enjoy hot Korean soup after! This coming Saturday I’m doing my morning routine and brunch and in the afternoon a friend is going with me on a private architectural tour of the Philip Johnson Glass house in New Canaan, CT and then afterwards we’ll have a Mexican lunch with a big Margarita!

What do you read and listen to on the weekend?

Vanity Fair, New York Times, New Yorker and I listen to Spotify playlists from Miles Davis jazz to Beck to meditative Indian music when I’m painting at home. I’m reading Amor Towles’s Rules of Civilisation at the moment, which is a great story that takes place during the depression in New York city.

Is sunday a whole different story to saturday? Tell us, what does your sunday look like?

On Sundays I try and take it a bit easy, sleep in, take a relaxing walk in my neighbourhood, check out some little shops, go on a bike ride, see a movie, meet my friends, I don’t like to pack my weekend in too tight, I like to leave things a bit open. I also really love to be home cooking, and watching something trashy like the reality show housewives on TV at night. I marvel at the amount of Botox and fillers, the faces that don’t move yet I’m somehow fascinated how they can still be so bitchy with one another and have these crazy lifestyles, yes very entertaining!

So if I wanted to be a New yorker for the weekend, what would I wear and where would I go?

This coming weekend is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so it’ll actually be a bit low key for everyone, no big parties, because people are getting ready for a family gathering and most are traveling to their families. It’s the biggest holiday in the States. And it is the time that everyone is going to eat like piggies with their family: turkey, mash, stuffing etc etc and lots of pumpkin pie, so I can imagine the New Yorkers going to the gym, maybe doing a one day cleanse, getting their juices at Juice Press, then there going to the MoMa to see the fantastic Matisse cut out exhibit, and of course organising the agenda.

 This coming weekend is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so it’ll actually be a bit low key for everyone, no big parties, because people are getting ready for a family gathering and most are traveling to their families.

December is already intensely filling up with Christmas parties and Saks, Bergdorfs and Henri Bendel have their Christmas windows already done, so a great time to see them before the tourist hordes take over, get in a mani-pedi before the travel madness of Thanksgiving, go and see the sequel to the Hunger Games (Mocking Jay part 1), which is opening tomorrow, I know that’s a great option. Then if you are a foodie, this weekend is, a great food fest on Saturday in Williamsburg and Sunday under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Then this one for the clubbers. Make sure you have your black motorcycle jacket, stiletto heels and back leather tights ready for the night!

What time does your alarm go off on Monday?

I have to be at work at 8.30 and like to take my time, so my alarm is set for 6.30!