The 5 most powerful models on Instagram

I’ve been extremely busy interviewing all the most important modelling agents in Holland for our winter issue. The theme will be ‘top models’ and the winner of Holland’s Next Top-model will grace the cover.

From the conversations with agents, it turns out that these models have the same enormous status as Cindy, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Karen and Kate (she was around back then already).

Because of the Internet, any model now stands a chance at being seen and the offering is unbelievably large (a model from deepest Russia had far less chance of being scouted before), but models can now also clearly profile themselves with tools like Instagram and Twitter.

Many modelling agencies make it obligatory in their contracts that the models be active on social media, and clients often first ask how many followers a models has before they decide to book them for a job. Models are hot and their following is impressive. The top 5:

Her posse: Anything Cara does is a success. Including her Instagram account, which is a goldmine. The count is currently at 6,4 million followers. Cara takes us with her everywhere in her life, from woman on woman romance to that little model that said ‘you’re fired’ to Karl Lagerfeld. Cara rocks and rules.

Her posse: Gisèle has 2,8 million followers. She is the biggest model of the moment. She earns three times as much as the others, has contracts with CHANEL, Isabel Marant, Pantene, H&M and Balenciaga. Can you imagine what so many followers are worth? The bod from Brazil probably has no regrets about the nose job she had to get into the business. It was worth it ten times over.

Her posse: Miranda has 4,7 million followers, more than likely including Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom who recently had old fashioned fisticuffs over her. Miranda earns 5 million per year, and that’s a lot for a girl who practises Nichiren Buddhism, and is actually happy with very little.

Her posse: 1,7 million followers including us of course. Doutzen shares intimate family photos and romantic sessions with Sunnery, and made us tremble with disbelief as she showed off her body during the Ice-bucket Challenge. That she had given birth just three weeks prior is a miracle, an absolute miracle. Doutzen is Holland’s pride in every which way.

Her posse: Her following of 554 thousand might seem small in light of the other models, but still. They all deserve a round of applause. You certainly do not need to pity Joan. She is number two in the ‘new supers’ ranking at, earns around 2 million per year and is the role-model for all girls of colour who lay awake at night dreaming of a career in modelling.

BY May-Britt Mobach
Jongleert doordeweek met kinderen en laptops, vermoedt een serieuze shopverslaving en probeert lichtelijk obsessief latte- en wijngebruik van zich af te schudden door overmatig veel te sporten.
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