My Tips & Tricks to get you running

I trained for a marathon two years ago. Another beast entirely than say, jogging around Hyde Park or Amsterdamse Bos. I ran ki-lo-me-ters. Almost daily. Enough to drive you crazy. Your social life goes out the veritable window. No alcohol, early to bed, no it is zero fun for your friends. Still, I’d do it again, but I need to find the right moment.

Running a few kilometers during the week is very good for you. Good for your body, your mind, your health, everything. But yeah, no-one said it would be easy.

I’m going to give you some Tips & Tricks to start enjoying running. I swear, you’ll never want to stop.

Buy a cool outfit

Step 1. Good shoes are a must. Get some professional recommendations in the Nike or Asics store or at Runner’s World. They know their stuff. Seriously, running shoes are half the work and there are some very cool examples around. Next, buy a good outfit. You have far more fun running in a super cool outfit. I’m a huge Nike fan, they have the absolute best running pants and tops. Fluorescent sport bra-tops and hoodies, all to be seen in. You never know who you’re going to bump into, right?

Don’t set the bar too high

Don’t expect to be able to run ten kilometres on your first run, especially if you haven’t run before. Start with 3 km’s. Not too fast either. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Distance is more important than speed. Rather twenty minutes for a few kilometers than back at home in ten. It has a far better affect on the body.

Some cool tunes

I never take a single step without music. Make sure you have a great playlist ready. Maybe you prefer running to slow songs. I love slow Ben Howard, but also songs that make me run faster. I have a subscription for the Top 40 on Spotify. You know, all the latest songs.

Use your imagination

When I’m really in the zone, I imagine that I’m running a marathon and that thousands of people are cheering me on from the sidelines. It helps. Or imagine that you’re on stage singing the song you’re listening to, in front of a mega audience. Seriously, you end up running further than you expected.

Find a friend

You’re stronger together. Stops you from cancelling and earning the nickname ‘No-go Joe’. Something else, it fuels the competitive spirit, so you dare each other and end up running faster. Chatting while running is also good for your breathing, takes more effort (you use more calories) and the time goes faster.

App yes

Download a good running app. I always use Runkeeper or Nike+. Keeps an exact record of distance and speed. Routes are saved for later. Fun to look back on and see what you have accomplished. You can also set goals and it will create a running schedule for you. You get reminders for when to run. Quite motivating.

Running makes you happy

Your heart rate rises during a run and creates endorphins. Also known as the ‘happy hormone’. Yes, you feel happier from them. This is seriously true. Try it sometime.