A handful of gold

Let’s start this Monday morning all shiny and gleaming, because the nail trend of this season is gold and glow. Nails should be cared for and if you really want to do it well, give them a lacquer of gold. Does not need to be full glitter, a good matte gold is fine. Exciting with a business look in black, and ready to rumble when the hair comes down on a Friday after 6pm for the Friday evening drinks.

  1. Nail make-up Bronze Insense, € 22,95, Givenchy via Douglas 
  2. Seconde nail polish, 42 O My God, € 8,50, Bourjois via Doulgas 
  3. Nail polish, Golden Nuggets, € 9,99, Essie
  4. WIC Nail polish, 267 Sevilla, € 6,95, Herôme via Douglas
  5. Nail polish, 34 Gold Pearl, € 10, MAC Cosmetics Via Douglas