Nigella Lawson, for us the Chanel amongst tv chefs (sorry Jamie), is on the cover of the British Vogue. It looks like she hasn’t set foot in her kitchen for a while because, hell yeah, she’s so skinny. You need to work out at least three hours after eating a dish á la Nigella. She likes to cook with sugar and butter. Lots of sugar and butter.

The last few weeks haven’t been easy for Lawson (who is 54, though looks like 44). After an ugly divorce with her ex husband, it was now time for something more fun. She’s been writing for the British Vogue since the 90s, and the fact that she now graces the cover is undeniably a sign of support from the magazine.

She’s wearing a green Burberry Prorsum dress and little make-up. “I was terrified of being photographed without make-up.” You shouldn’t have Nigella, you look stunning! Though please continue to bake Moelleux and roast chickens. We only allow it ourselves when you prepare it.