Alarm bells at a one-night-stand

We have now arrived at an era where, thank goodness, we do not have to have over exaggerated panic attacks about women that enjoy the occasional one-night-stand. Here at Amayzine we discuss this field more than enough, so you know our stance on this topic. So now we’ve come to the point where we have figure out how to do them right. Some have disaster written all over them, and this is how to recognize them.

Other women’s clothes lying around

Look, they could belong to his female roommate, but if he doesn’t have one, it might be time to smell the roses girlfriend. They are probably from his previous conquest and you are now appearing rather open-minded. But let’s face it, two women in 12 hours riding the same hobby horse is perhaps a little too much. Another option is that they are his sisters or “best friends” and in both cases you have to wonder what kind of situation exactly took place there for all those garments to be strewed around.

Remarkably strong deo smell

You come into the bedroom and the fresh sprayings of deodorant or air freshener are nearly enough to bring tears to your eyes. Excuse the pun, but smells a bit fishy right? It’s probably very human of him and childish of me, but I find it quite a turn off. What is even a bigger potential disaster is that his room smells. You just don’t want to have to deal with a room that is so smelly it needs loads of deodorant to disguise what ever it is creating that stink.

Insane quantities of condoms

And I do not mean an amount which says “I am a healthy boy in the prime of my life” but an amount which says: “This is how I earn my money and if you are up for a career change you can earn some money too.”

Hair in the sink

Those suspicious short hairs. Probably from trimming his beard, but there is also a chance that they are from trimming the southern regions. Call me petty or prudish, I’d preferably not brush my teeth above a a burial ground for pubes.

Offerings of coffee in the morning

It is already a pretty big decision to actually spend the night. But the walk of shame is something that should be avoided at all costs. Keep in mind though that once that guy puts coffee on, your romantic side will purr “aaah what a gallant gentleman”; while the cynic says “that guy wants more from you.” Perhaps you also want more from him too and then I would say: lots of luck to the both of you. But do be warned, a potentially awkward chat will possibly follow.