Where to get cool

during the steaming hot new york summer


Here it is either Antarctica or the Sahara. The melting blush and dripping mascara confirm that it is currently desert heat, and therefore summer. This means a simple walk around the block can resemble walking under warm water. The humidity is unbearable here. But complaining won’t change things. ‘It’s time to be more pragmatic,’ I decide while stickily and sweatily stumbling through the streets in search of a way to cool down.


Armed with a laptop, in a cold office and with an even colder watermelon juice, I start the quest. Where can one unwind and cool down? Quite a challenge. Most places that seem to have swimming pool like cooling off areas nearly always have a ‘private’ sign hanging up. Alternatively there’s a mega large monthly sum of money to be paid. But as I said, from now we think in solutions. So with a bit of online looking and offline question asking, my outcome is this list of blissful cool off zones that I will have to painstakingly put to the test.



Bar on the waterfront

For a quiet and peaceful afternoon the Frying Pan may be the wrong address. It is very busy here (especially on weekends), but then again the Frying Pan does float on the Hudson. It is an old ship that is now turned into a gigantic outdoor bar where they serve lots of beer and just as much fun. The river takes care of a refreshing breeze. 


McCarren Hotel

As I said; most pools are private or reserved for paying members only. But in Brooklyn they do it differently. The McCarren Hotel pool is not only for hotel guests, but open to anyone looking for a dip. An entry pass is not what I would call cheap, but believe me, if the weather is hot enough you’ll find a way to scrape the money together. This pool incidentally also looks really awesome. Perfect for an afternoon of chilling and filling up your Instagram.




If you check the Schooner Adirondack Sails website, they don’t make it look all that exciting. However, I have heard from several little birdies that it is in fact a lot of fun. There are many different sailing trips to book. Choose from a sunset sail or a sail under a full moon. Sounds pretty good to my ears.



With the subway it takes an hour to get to Long Beach. This Long Island beach is super cool as it is, but also a great place to surf. There is a surf school and waves at low tide are perfect for beginners. 


Hotel Americano

In Manhattan there is also a public rooftop swimming pool to be found. It is a teeny tiny thing and most visitors paddle around with a Cosmo in their hand. But hey, it’s cool. Oh and the Cosmo, that is your entry ticket. Other drinks are also available.


Free and yellow

Want an active afternoon on the water? (Again) go to the Hudson. Located at one of the many piers is the Downtown Boathouse. Unlike Central Park where you can find romantic little boats to fumble around in, here you’ll find sport kayaks and yellow safety jackets. So it’s not exactly relaxing, but super enjoyable just the same. Big plus: it is completely free.