Daily May

Leopard Lucy

Like hey, I’m no housewife. I may have moved along with the man and his job but that doesn’t mean I cook, clean and dust. Fat chance. Don’t feel like it. There’s just one problem. My repulsion for cleaning is met by my compulsive neatness, I’m a neat freak. I’m afraid I am balancing on the verge of OCD and germophobia when it comes to dust and piles of laundry. This means I fighting an inner war every week. Because I don’t want to clean the house but I do want gleaming worktops shinny floors. So, what now? Well you go to a shop to buy the latest cleaning gadgets. Like these Tina Tiger gloves! Following the motto: life is a party, but you have to put up your own decorations. Besides it’s the perfect purchase to stimulate cleaning activities, time to roll up my sleeves and get some Mr. Clean on these pink tigers. I’m have to go as a feel the Tasmanian cleaning devil bubbling up in me. And of we go!