how technology can ruin your relationship


The older generation are the first in line to yell out ‘boo’ when it comes to the world of cell phones since “the only thing today’s generation does is stare at their phone screens.” And generally, they’re right, cell phones really are disturbing factors when it comes to love, romance and relationships.



In bed

You and your lover just hopped into bed but the first thing you two do is grab your phones. “I just need to set my alarm” is your excuse, but as soon as it’s set, you decide to scroll through Instagram and Facebook. Next to each other. How unbelievably unsocial are you two? And the same thing happens in the morning. Buh-bye morning sex, hello digital news paper. I think leaving your phone in a different room should be an unwritten rule.



During a date

If things are on the right track, it should be easy to ignore your phone when you’re on a date or out for dinner, but each evening definitely has a “phone moment” during which both parties can quickly check their messages. It can take up to 10 minutes and before you know it, you’re one of those couples everyone glares at and says, “oh look at those two, they have nothing interesting to say to each other anymore.” Abort abort abort.



The likes and comments 

Why the heck has he never liked a photo of yours but you always see him clicking on the heart any time Kylie Jenner or Natasha Oakly appear? And while we’re at it, who is that girl Sophie with a private profile? And why is that other chick replying to his new Facebook profile picture with heart eyes?



The Whatsapp preview

Your cell phone home screen always shows a quick preview of messages you’ve received and this can cause quite the stir. It gives you a, legal, peek into his messages which unfortunately goes hand in hand with seeing things that aren’t meant to be seen with your eyes. It doesn’t have to be horrible HE-IS-CHEATING-ON-ME scenario but take this for example: his cousin Sarah sends him a message “I’m so excited to see you!” and you have no idea that Sarah is his cousin, well, let’s just say that can make things a tad awkward.



Whatsapp in general 

Since Whatsapp is an ongoing chat it makes you feel as though you have to always keep the conversation going. A day without a Whatsapp message? What’s going on? It is extremely exhausting, especially since nowadays you’re capable of seeing him ignore your messages. Long live the blue checkmarks!