the new nude

Last week it was announced that Christian Louboutin is introducing a new collection: the new nude collection. The idea behind the collection is that every woman, whatever her skin tone, can wear a pair of nude heels. The collection consists of five tones to which two will be added the coming year. Sounded like a great idea to me, but an article I read made me realize that it is absurd it’s taken so long for such a collection to be created and that the word ‘nude’ is actually a very strange word.

One of the points made in the article, written by Dutch journalist Lisa Bouyeure, was that in Western society people tend to assume that the world is white – she argues that is partly caused by the fact that editorial staff of magazines are mainly. I’d never thought about it that way and found it rather confrontational, because in the end she’s right.

The Amayzine team is all white and female. Not surprising as we write for women but skin tone isn’t a given condition. We, like other editorial teams, write from our own perspective. It might be a little narrow-minded not only on the basis of skin tone but also on the basis of sexual preference. I could go on forever about dating, love, sex and everything that comes with it. But it’s always about women that fall for men, or the other way round. I think this is a little silly of me. Why do I assume Amayzine readers are all white females?

Lisa Bouyeure also commented that all stores have skin-toned pantyhose, the weird thing being they’re all only suited for white women. Compare this to the color range of jellybeans, hair colors or flowers. Christian Louboutin thought the same thing. He’s the first designer not to use a universal nude color. He states that the color of females can differ from east to west. I’m not sure how to apply this knowledge to what we do in our team; still it’s a matter of consciousness and a step in the right direction. All thanks to a pair of Louboutins.