things that go through your head

when you’re at the gym


Working out is my way of clearing my head. And it really works when you’re taking a couple of jabs in a boxing ring for 60 minutes. But on the days that I work out for myself personally, then my mind is filled with a thousand and one thoughts about anything and everything. Especially when the workout is arduous or exceptionally well. These are the things that cross my mind (I hope I’m not the only one?):


On days when it’s tough:

  • “Ugh, so not in the mood for this.”
  • “I really should start getting my administration on track. Sigh.”
  • “I look horrendous today. I need to avoid every mirror I come across.”
  • “Oh hey there good lookin’.”
  • “Has the speed of my watch been stalled? This hour feels like an eternity. ”
  • “Oh good lord it’s him again. The show off.”


On days when all is good:

  • “Yes, the mirror loves me today.”
  • “Wow that went by quick!”
  • “Oh hey there good lookin’.”
  • “I am definitely coming back tomorrow.”
  • “Oh good lord it’s him again. The show off.”
  • “I’m feelin’ it today. What so I have for breakfast?”