this is what your dreams say about you


Send me off on a long holiday and after about a week or my nights are filled with wild adventures. The friend I haven’t been spoken to for years is swinging on a swing set with my kids, my old roommate is dating my brother and that publisher I profusely dislike is sobbing on my shoulder telling me she’s been fired.


My dreams are all over the place but after week three it’s tempered back to normal. Freud called dreams the ‘royal road to the unconscious’ and psychologists still view dreams as the windows into our subconscious. Despite the bizar personal touches we add to our dreams, there are a whole lot of things we experience in the night.


The deceased

You’re grandmother has been deceased for a while now but in your dreams you hear her vividly calling you in a way that wouldn’t be possible if you were awake. It’s a self-fulfilling recipe comforting us and letting us see (or think) that the deceased is in a better place. It also happens that people dream about the deceased daily until they say, “You’re doing fine now, I’m letting you go.” Now I don’t want to be spoil sport here, but it’s your mind that organized this. A way of comforting you and making you stronger. Captivating, isn’t it?


The nightmare

Do you ever have those sleep cycles where all you have is nightmares? This can be caused by the use of medication, which creates chaos in your head at night, but it can also be an indication that you’ve been extremely busy.


Exhausting dreams

Sometimes you wake up feeling like you’ve just run a marathon. Which is possible. Your body happens to react to what it is you were dreaming about. If you’re water skiing or running in your dreams (which I never do but our health editor might) then your heartbeat will rise and chances are your muscles are tense and you move a lot in your sleep. And uhh, if you’re having rather intimate dreams about your lover, well then that encourages a physical reaction too doesn’t it?


Determining your dreams

Ever experienced this? When you’ve just had a nightmare but you realize staying awake is not an option. Determining your own dreams helps get rid of that misery. It’s what they call lucid dreaming and apparently you can become a pro at it. That’s what I’m going to focus on; manipulating my dreams so that I find myself sipping on daiquiri’s while shopping at Net-a-Porter. Sounds like heaven to me.