A tidy home,

equals a tidy mind.

Last week an ex-colleague of mine, Carolien Griep popped by for a visit. Carolien (Griep to those close to her) was the editor-in-chief for various newspapers and magazines, but found her calling in tidiness. Sorting out other peoples clutter. Her site griepruimtop.nl is the hope for many in scary times, the light at the end of the tunnel, the good looking anaesthetist before the operation and the Brazilian sun during a dark European winter.

Now I am certainly no material for a TV program on hoarding but I do have some questions. Those baskets in my bedroom for instance. They’re full. All of them. But I never look in them and have no idea what is actually in them, and it bothers me everyday. So, that’s where Griep comes in.

I can imagine that you also have a few problem areas and a desire to change them into a neat, spring-ready house, so as of now we’re going to sort out the bedroom, the hall (monster), the kitchen, the bathroom and your toiletry bag one at a time.

Before then, here is the Griep story in 8 themes.

You have to first make a mess to clean up.

Attack the stack, it’s not scary.


Create three options. Store here, store somewhere else or throw away.


Set small goals. Tidy up a shelf, draw or pile while watching TV. Tomorrow is another day.


Just buying boxes does not mean everything is solved.

Boxes are great for your children’s drawings or those birth cards that you want to save.


Drawer-seperators are handy things. Buy them from IKEA and they’ll ensure that nothing gets entangled in the drawer.


Shelf-seperators, another thing that you’ve never heard of but will not be able to live without. You can place them vertically between shelves so your stacks of shirts stay straight or to keep toys separated.


Know where things should go. If you know where they belong, you’ll only need to pick them up to sort it.


A neat and tidy home will prevent arguments and save time and energy.


A neat home gives you control.

I say amen Griep. I’m starting this evening. Really.

Do you want more Griep? Take a look at her site or at griepruimtop on Facebook

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