Tips if you’re cooking on your first date


Alright. So you’ve met a nice boy, you’ve met up for a drink or two, you might have already shared a kiss and you’re both up for another date. Cook for him. Or cook at his place, that works too. Our fashion Editor Liesbeth (a.k.a the date doctor) has informed me that you should probably be a little further along in the dating process before doing this since the odds are it will lead to sex, or, if you’re not really into him, you won’t necessarily have an easy way out. Both of these are definitely an option but still. If you decide to invite him over, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure all will run smoothly.


  • Ask him what he likes. Chances are he’ll say: “Oh I like everything.” In which case you should ask him what he doesn’t like. That way you know you can’t go wrong.
  • Don’t drink too much while you’re cooking. That’s where things can get a bit messy. As soon as you’re done, you’re ready for booze.
  • Keep it simple, you’re nervous enough as it is.
  • Don’t use too much garlic. You know why.
  • Cook something that is easy to eat. Preferably easy for you to eat. It’s one of those things I have the tendency to forget about. Hovering down chicken wings or spare ribs, or having strings of asparagus hanging from your mouth are not exactly charming.
  • Try not to cook a heavy meal. You don’t want to have the “well I’m feeling a little bloated”-effect. Wait until you’re actually in a relationship to say that.
  • Don’t go experimenting. Cook a meal you’ve cooked a dozen times before so you know you can’t go wrong. I recently made (okay my last first date was a long time ago) a Thai beef recipe. Thinking about it still makes me cringe. Even the tinniest piece of beef had me chewing for minutes on end. It. Was. Horrible.
  • Oh and while you’re out buying your groceries, don’t hesitate to buy some breakfast too. You never know.

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