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It’s hot: traveling solo to ‘explore’ the world. But evidently it can be overwhelming to go abroad all on your own too. It’s a unique experience that forms you as a person and my friends over at have created the ultimate list of the most relaxed city trips for solo travelers. On y va!

1. Edinburgh

London is great, but haven’t we all been at least once already? In the mood for something different? Then go to the Scottish city Edinburgh. Everything is walkable, the city center has a beautiful old scenery and you’ll find a multitude of cute little cafes to drink tea and eat scones. Did someone say scones? I’m coming!

2. NYC

New York City is one of those cities that has something for everyone: hip restaurants, inspiring museums, shop til you drop opportunities times a thousand, cool coffee places, a ton of yoga schools and obviously a nightlife that suits the ‘city that never sleeps’. It’s the perfect city to wander around in for a few days. Tip: rent a bike to discover the city. Oh, and rent an airbnb instead of a hotel. It’ll save you a couple of dollars.

3. Lisbon

Lisbon has become very popular the past year. And I completely understand why: the mild climate, the perfect location right by the coast, the historic center and wonderful food.

4. Bangkok

In the mood for an adventurous solo trip? Then Bangkok is the place to be. Getting a visa is free and there are plenty of luxurious hotels you can spend the night in (or opt for a hostel). Since Bangkok is a hub for traveling through South East Asia, it’s the perfect spot to meet other solo travelers too. Plus, it’s a great area to shop, there’s great food on every street corner and as soon as the stress of solo traveling kicks in, you can book a Thai massage. Winning.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is perfect for people who love fashion and interior design. The coffee is divine (check out Coffee Collective), the food is healthy and there are plenty of cool museums to check out.

Public transportation is easy. You’ve got the metro, tram and bus that’ll take you everywhere, or you can easily discover the city by foot. Or be like the locals and rent a bike.

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