8 lessons in style you can


Fashion month has started which means we’ll be seeing a whole lot of our favorite gal pal Olivia Palermo and her envying wardrobe. Don’t be jealous of her though, just replicate it. Your motto should be: copy it while you can.

  1. you can never be too slim

Now please keep your cool and don’t get mad at me. These are not my words. And not Olivia’s either. It was her stylist Rachel Zoe who once said that clothes look best if you’re a size zero. And it’s something Olivia did and I have to say (don’t hate me, don’t kill me) she pulls it off well.

  1. make sure you’ve got a belt

If you were to ask Olivia what she would tag along to a deserted island her answer would be: a belt. A belt would even give her naked body a fashion lift. Whatever it may be, Olivia always adds a belt. Turtlenecks, long blouses, even a bulky parka is made fashion proof with a small thin belt around it.

  1. the butterfly shades

Olivia has a dozen shades in every shape, size and color but her signature shape will always be the butterfly frame.

  1. say it with shoes

How ever casual her outfit might be, Olivia always makes sure she’s got eye catchers on her feet. She doesn’t shy away from bold and bright shoes with a bunch of different details and cords. Might explain her friendship with Edgardo Rosario, Aquazurra’s shoe designer.

  1. Invest in a white shirt

To pair with a lengthy skirt (more on that later) or faded jeans. Add a bow at the color or wear it with a cute coat. White shirts never go out of style.

  1. Long live long skirts

There it is. The lengthy skirt. This item is not only very feminine, but it is very comfortable and dressed up at the same time and it’s easy to wear with flats. Perfect for when you’re wandering around the streets of New York.

  1. Invest in leopard ballet flats

Since flats are often very dull and boring, Olivia would advise you to invest in one (or two) printed flats. Your look finishes at your feet so you might want to make sure those look just as dandy as the rest of you does. If you’ve got funky thrills on your feet, it’s okay to keep the rest of your look simple. Jeans, check, white shirt, check, shades, check, and oh yeah, a belt too.

  1. your prettiest accessory

Is and will always be good looking arm candy. In her case it’s her husband Johannes Huebl. No belt for this guy, just a big bow instead.