It’s obviously all Dominique Samuels’ fault. And Victoria Beckham’s. Let’s not forget about her. I left New York with a suitcase with absolutely zero new items of clothing (besides the Frozen and Tinkerbell pjs from the Disney Store on Times Square) because I, hip hip hooray where is my medal, didn’t buy anything new. But I did leave with about 1000 dollars of makeup in my hand luggage. Seriously.

My partner and pretty much everyone who is reasonable should probably stop reading this, but everyone who likes to fool around and play with makeup should stay.

How it all happened? Well, it all started in Capri where I met Dominique and I was in awe of how he always looked so young and radiant. Even after a couple glasses of wine (with me). His secret was Becca. And Tom Ford.

I took photos of his entire makeup stash (did I forget to mention he happens to be one of the best makeup artists that I know?) and I planned to look for the products while I was in New York. So the first stop of the trip: Sephora. One Becca foundation please and of course I can’t forget the under eye brightening corrector. How could I possibly live without it? And the eyebrow set too. And since I was there anyway, why not take home the Bobbi Brown lipliner. I had seen it the day before backstage at Tibi and for people who don’t usually wear lipstick but want to enhance the lips, lipliner is your best friend. Then I spotted the Pat McGrath collection and had to have her clear lipgloss. But it was sold out, so I wanted the one from Milk (you know, from the popular Milk Studios between Meatpacking and Chelsea). All in all paying absolutely no attention to how much all of it was going to cost.

The Sephora crowd are a bunch of smart cookies. When you’re waiting in line to pay for your purchases, you have to maneuver through an aisle filled with things you didn’t know existed and you don’t even really need, but you want them anyway. So that brush cleaning product made it’s way into my shopping bag. As did the sea salt spray and the Molton Brown shower gel.

At the cash register I swiped my card for 250 dollars. And that, dear friends, is only the beginning.

To be continued…