Fashion dilemma of the week

For everyone above 5’11

This looks great on you

A lot of women are jealous of other women with long legs but sometimes they can be an annoying asset when you’re out shopping or your looking for the perfect jeans online. Models are living proof of it: tall people rock fashion. How? I’m here to tell you. And believe me, there are just a few simple tricks.

Longer lengths

As cool as those new Zara jeans look on your friends, Spanish high street brands like Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear and Bershka aren’t the right stores for you. They only sell one length size and that size is very average. For everyone above 5’11, H&M, Ruby Tuesday, Levi’s and G-Star do sell jeans in different length sizes. And British stores like New Look, Asos and Topshop even have a special department for ‘tall’ people.

Blouse €29,95 Zara, Jeans €55,- Topshop tall, Flap bag p.o.a. Chanel, Sneakers €110,- Nike, Socks €7,95 Zara

Roll ’em up

Rolling up your pants at the bottom is perfect. This is because horizontal lines have a way of cutting off you height at just the right spot. Also go for pants with a lower fit. Wide fits and boyfriend jeans were made for you. But it would be best if you avoid capri pants and culottes. These fits will make your legs look even longer.

Ankle boots €52,- Topshop, Bag €1,695 Mulberry, Jeans €90,- Topshop tall, Blouse €19,99 H&M, Bracelet €1,253 Pippa Small

Lines play

Opt for horizontal lines or prints in cool contrasting colors. These kinds of items will make your upper body look longer and less of an emphasis on your legs. Ruches, details with volume and romantic collars are also key players in your wardrobe. No go: tight shirts. These will also make your legs look even longer.

Out of heights

Don’t avoid wearing your heels. Yes, alright so you might be taller than your friends but that shouldn’t be a reason not to wear them. But in terms of shoes (high or low), opt for ones with a strap or a detail on the foot, but avoid anything with a pointy nose.