Look of the day

Lizzy Perridon

I mean, what do you expect when Chiara Ferragni is your style icon. That evidently translates into the coolest looks, point proven today by Miss Lizzy Peridon. And there’s a ton of brands Lizzy is a fan of. A bit of Joy Divison, Rough Studios, Storets and Nasty Gal. A tad different than the standard brands others are into, exactly the way she likes it.

This Rotterdam born beaut has been living in the Dutch capital for about four years now. She’s still a college student, is interning for a shoe brand and spends quite a hefty amount of time on Instagram every day (her words, not mine).

So onto her clothing. How in love are you with her Zara pants? Lizzy combines it with a Maje blouse, an Isabel Marant jacket and on her feet you’ll find Balenciaga. The bag? Very Chanel.