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New York Diary

Day 1

On Wednesday I was still wandering around the Amsterdam zoo with my three girls and now you can find me in the zoo we all know as: New York Fashion Week. It’s a five day long explosion of top models, shows, backstage visits. after parties and trying to schedule in appointments with friends from the industry who are all in town.

After completing day 1, I have to admit that the bags under my eyes are still hinting at my jet lag though. But let me fill you guys in on whats happening. Our home for the five days that we’re here is the Dream Hotel, an extremely cool hotel where Suzy Menkes has also unpacked her bags for the week and when Elke headed out the door yesterday afternoon, she saw the Swedish blogger Angelica Blick (1,2 million followers on Instagram) walk out of our hotel. Looks like she’s one of our neighbors too.

The hotel has a wonderful rooftop and they serve Chardonnay just the way I like it (nice and oily) in plastic wine glasses. You might think that sounds a little cheap, but every rooftop in New York serves in plastic, so when you’re drinking out of it, you know you’re at a great place. Since our hotel is very exclusive, you’re not allowed to spend the entire night on the roof terrace sipping on a glass of sparkling water staring at everyone up there. If you want to reserve a table, you have to spend at least $500. How’s that for a number,

Since that was a little more than we had in mind, we grabbed dinner at the Italian restaurant Serafina on the first night. Then took a sleeping pill and headed straight to bed because our alarms would be waking us up at 6:30 AM. I know what you’re thinking: why? Well, we had an excellent reason. We were invited to the Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger press conference.

The press conference was small and intimate with a wonderful breakfast of coffee, juices, yoghurt and granola and very good wifi, something Tommy always takes good care of. Even if you find yourself in the outskirts of New York, they’ve always got you connected to the web.

Gigi was stunning, lively and delightful and I’m so excited to get my hands on her collection (her shoes were incredible). Elke made sure to ask her a question about her Amsterdam connection and apparently Gigi had even been to the headquarters in Amsterdam. Without us even knowing abut it. I’m thinking next time round she can drop by our place.

In the evening we dropped by Pier 16 for the actual show, but I’ll make sure to fill you in on this all very very soon…