Braziiiiil, la la la la la la la laaaaa. The weather is nice out and we’re all in a Brazilian state of mind, reason enough to head on into your kitchen this afternoon to treat yourself to a freshly made Caipirinha. Not only a feast to drink, but it’ll also keep you awake to watch the Olympics. How to make them? Easy:



(for 4 people)


12 ice cubes

1 lime

1 table spoon of sugarcane

60 ml white rum


Crush the ice cubes by hand or use a blender. Slice the lime into 8 parts. Use two and a half teaspoons per glass and crush it with the back of a bar spoon. Or with a cocktail muddler. Add the rum (about 15ml per glass, or uhm, more if you’d like) and top it off with ice. Saúde!

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