Fun & Famous


(and why we all take part in them)

I’m going to cut to the chase: clichés exist for a reason. And some food products, attributes and inflatable things are just a lot more hip than others. Now you know exactly what to do to pile up those extra followers and likes.

Why don’t you do…

…something with Starbucks coffee

Picture this: you’re drinking coffee from Starbucks but you forget to take a photo of it so that you can post it on social media. Did you really even drink that coffee? Exactly. We all have some weird obsession with coffee that comes in cup with a mermaid logo on it. Preferably on a small, round, Parisian table. To top off the photo, add a brand new Vogue into the mix too.

…something with an inflatable flamingo

I can pretend like I’m not guilty of this, but uh, check this pic of mine on Insta. Oops. And even May-Britt dedicated a post to her pink rubber friend.

…something with an avocado sandwich

Come on guys. Cut it out. We all know that breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner WHATEVER meal you’re eating has a lot more glamour and fit girl-esqueness as soon as a scoop of avocado is involved?

…something with a MacBook

Amongst freelancers we like to tag this one with #officeoftheday. And just for the photo we make sure to make it look like we’re extremely tidy so we get rid of our organized chaos.

…something with ice cream

Our of bowl is a no-go, what you need here is an ice cream cone. Preferably with at least two scoops of ice cream in two opposite colors. Think bright yellow mango and pink raspberry. And then pretend like you actually eat the thing.

…something with donuts (or cupcakes)

The fatty, sticky, striped, disco dip or a chocolate explosion. Same story here: as many pictures as possible but actually eating the thing? No way. Although I do. I eat all of them. Until they make me nauseous.

…something with flowers

Peonies. Do something with the queen of all flowers and your Insta will be picture perfect. Another tip. Polish your nails in the same color as your flowers and you like’s will start duplicating.

…something with a car and a selfie

Because your car always has good lighting and a car selfie shows that you’re always ‘busy and on the go’. Or so.

…something with legs or toes on a beach

A.k.a.: sausage legs. No holiday is complete without them.