Let’s talk about men




My boy and I recently moved in together. And moving in together obviously means there are certain chores that need to be divided. Take this for example: every morning I barely make it to the office on time, because at the last minute I realize that I still have to make my boy’s morning coffee. Okay okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but he secretly kind of counts on it. Hey, I don’t blame him. And I’m not complaining, so all’s good. Although I can imagine some people can bicker about these kinds of things and in those cases, it’s easy to complain about always being the one doing the laundry and cooking and cleaning the house. Not fair ladies, not fair.


But just jot some things down in black and white. I asked everyone at the office and a couple of my friends: “What are typical chores that men take care of at home?”

Here they are, print them out, show ’em to your boy.



–       Taking out the trash.


–       Making the bed. Although I do think I do it a lot better.


–       A friend of mine said: “He needs to do the groceries. I’ll make the list.”


–       Unclog the sink. He’s better at it.


–       Changing the lightbulbs and such.


–       Be the one who contacts the window cleaner, the handyman and the plumber.


–       Fill the car up with gas.


–       Mow the lawn.


–       Taking care of all the finances would be nice.


–       Throw out empty bottles in glass containers.