“Jet, I went to bootcamp and I loved it! I’ve got another one planned next week!” For some reason or another, people always enjoying coming up to me to let me know they’ve either worked out or they’ve been eating healthy. But if they’ve spent a night drowning themselves in liters of gin-tonics, they decide to keep that on the D-L. But anyway, I was referring to our very own May-Britt who spent a day running around in a park taking part in a bootcamp session. “This sure is something else if you compare it to working out at a gym. They up the ante when you’re outside.” When you work out outside and it’s raining (which happened to be the case for May-Britt) you feel like some kind of soldier. The outdoor air is much more appealing than a stuffy gym. But when it comes to your work out gear, there are a few things you need to change when you get decked out to work out outside. I mean, planking on wet grass sure is different than on a dry mat inside. And secretly we all want to look good doing it too….



Make sure to work out with gloves during the winter months. And not just any kind of gloves, make sure to get ones that are specially made for sports or else you’re going to be working out with extremely sweaty hands.


Opt for a light weight waterproof jacket. This’ll keep you warm as soon as you start, and once you’ve warmed up, it’s easy to wrap around your waist. Plus, great when it’s raining out.


Don’t put on too many layers. I know it’s tempting when it’s cold out, but you’ll be warm before you know it and working out with a ton of layers on is a drag. Make sure you put something on which is easy to take off.


This one kind of goes without saying but never forget a hair tie. Nothing is worse than having all your hair covering your face when you are working out.


If you head to any store that sells proper workout gear, you will come across special turtle necks designed for when you work out. I always use one when I am outdoors. Sweaters will make you way too warm, and these are perfect because it won’t make you over heat and it will cover your neck.


Invest in a proper pair of tights. A personal favorite of mine is Nike and they have such a huge collection in the coolest colors which are perfect for working out outside. Take the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Limitless for example. It regulates your body temperature a gets rid of sweat easily. Make sure your tights have a small pocket with a zipper for your to store your keys. Leave your phone at home for a change.