freckled faces

One of the things I love about the summer is that freckled faces always make a reoccuring comeback. All you need is a few minutes in the sun, and those things pop up like wild roses. They give off a bit of that Pippi Longstocking cuteness vibe. Read more.

cool delpozo Hair

in 7 steps

Delpozo’s show was one of the great surprises of the New York Fashion Week. Skirts that would stow four children or your loved one, voluptuous shoulders with sequin, elaborate fabrics and patterns. The word ‘boring’ was nowhere to be found. Read more.

How to get Parisian hair?

Parisiennes always look so good, read: as if they’ve done nothing to achieve it (but actually spent an hour in front of the mirror), that’s clear. Really, it’s not that difficult to get that ‘joie de vivre‘- into your hair. Read below and you can have it too. Read more.

Tips for a heavenly wardrobe

Luxury is not always about a shiny, rose gold Rolex. Luxury can be cheap too. Step 1 in having luxury at home is a clean house. And if you’re aiming for a million dollar wardrobe, this will help you to achieve your goal. Even if it’s not full of clothes from The Row and Proenza Schouler. Read more.

7 Ways to get that designer piece

(Yes, you too)

Does your heart start beating faster when watching the catwalks? Are you thinking to yourself: I want it ALL, but I can’t afford ANYTHING? There are ways to bring the catwalk into your home. You might have to be patient but it can be done. We’ll tell you how. Read more.

8 x bigger eyes with make-up

We have an ‘issue’ with eyes here at our office. They need to be big and expressive, because only then can you make an impression. May-Britt sometimes pays a visit to the ‘king of lashes‘ to have a few falsies added in, which do not look fake by the way, and Liesbeth has natural bambi-eyes but likes to accentuate them further with mascara. Read more.

7 ways to improve your

vacation photos

Here they come again: the classic feet in the sand or the feet by the swimming pool, the close-up selfie of you and your bestie sharing a big pineapple cocktail, a great big jump for joy on the beach and oh yes, the very celebrated heart hands, preferably taken during a sunset. Do you recognize your own vacation pics in one of these descriptions? Read more.

lip liner love

Lip liner is a real favorite. A friend and I were going to a party recently and we really wanted to look adequately decent. She has no interest in makeup whatsoever so she gave me carte blanche to paint her canvas. I loved it. Read more.

How to take the best festival pics

My friends and I are bloody irritating during our first festival hour. We’re still looking fresh so without shame hundreds of photos have to be taken, only to pick one to post on Instagram with the use of numerous filters and corrections. Read more.

Hair trend

pimp your ponytail

Wearing your hair in a ponytail is comfortable and easy yet I hardly ever do it. That’s why I ended up with red curry hair after having dinner at a Thai restaurant. Having learned my lesson I stopped at the drugstore for some thin hair elastics and stylishly whipped my hair into a ponytail before sitting down to dinner again at my favorite Thai restaurant. Here’s how I did it: Read more.

5 ways to hide your bangs

I really love my bangs even though there are good reasons not to have them. One major issue is that the difference in length can be annoying. I really need to stop at the hairdressers to have a millimeter taken off but i just don’t have the time. This means I have to be creative in hiding my bangs. Read more.

How to survive a hot summer's day

A summer day is fun but melting make-up, smudgy eyeliner and super sticky lipstick are not. Even if you plan to spend the whole evening outside you want your make-up to look just as perfect as it did in the morning. So voilà here are a few tips to stay fresh in warm weather.

Read more.