Yesterday was the final day of Amsterdam Fashion Week and so high time for a few pics of local celebs at the shows. Check it out! Read more.


what do they mean?

May-Britt posted a pic of herself on Instagram a week or two ago, of herself smugly showing off a hot apple tart. A gift from our friends at Iconic Studios, delivered still warm and “almost criminally delicious”. Fine, but May’s followers decided to reward the post with tiny icons of hands point upwards. Why? To clear this type of misunderstanding up for once and for all, here is an introduction to the use of emoji’s on Instagram. Read more.

A little kiss here and a little hug there. Instagram is full of sweet pics and we’re about to share them with you. Read more.

Yep, if we had a brigade of make-up artists we’d probably also look like models. Here are few great pics from the girls backstage. And yes indeed, they are gorgeous. Read more.

Interiors on Instagram

– you have to follow these people –

Instagram is overflowing with inspiration and that is also what I use it for. Although it is sometimes rather irritating, because instead of getting that new year’s itch to change my house around once a year, I have it every day. How can I not? People post the coolest photos of homes and one can dream big. These are the interior designers you must follow on Instagram to get that necessary bit of daily inspiration. Your house will thank you. Read more.

If we mention new year, everyone thinks of good resolutions. One of the more prevalent resolutions is working out more often. A good dose of motivation is required to achieve your new year’s goals and these ladies set a good example. Read more.

Our opinions on snow are pretty much divided here at the office. Liesbeth has run away to Rio, so that says enough. There are plenty of people that do love it though. Check out these ladies enjoying it. Read more.

Most liked on Instagram in 2014

We still have a few days to go, but Instagram has already finished it’s admin for this year and has presented the top 3 most liked Instagram photos of 2014. It’s no coincidence that #love was the most used hashtag of the year, because the posts loved most were all of loving couples. Read more.

Photoshop police on Instagram

We all know that Beyoncé puts her hand to Photoshop before posting herself on Instagram, and many others with her. Those polished, perfect, ultra thin photos posted by bloggers and Instagram queens are often edited from all sides, but they don’t say anything about it. And that’s not fair… Read more.

The best food-instagrammers

I look at Instagram at least a few times an hour (I’m not going to say exactly how often, okay.) I usually see posts from fitgirl pass by on my feed with delicious food-photos. I often take a screenshot to remind myself to try making it. Especially handy when there’s a recipe underneath or a link to a recipe. Instagram is one huge cookery book to me. I’m about to share a few of my favourite food-instagrammers with you. Read more.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…That’s what they say, but it’s red lipstick that is actually the best friend a woman can have. A simple outfit or a bare naked face, you can do it all with this wonder cure. Burgundy red, bright red, raspberry red or orange red, it’s a fashion statement. These celebs show you how. Read more.

Christmas Fred-style

We obviously expect a decorated house from the best stylist in the country (which Fred van Leer holds the official title for since Monday when he received a genuine Grazia-award in his hands). Totally correct. Fred shops at Zomers in Rotterdam for his interior and they were nice enough to set up his Christmas tree for him. Read more.

Can’t wait for the US show to be aired on 15 December? Here’s a little taster with these photos of The Angels. Read more.

You probably also spend at least a half hour per day digging around in a mega big, full bag. The benefit of a smaller one is that you can’t carry so much around. We’ve selected the cutest and craziest clutches from Instagram. Read more.

There is nothing nicer than curling up on the couch with your dog, or another pet, and then staying there all evening. Models think the same. And too right.. Read more.

The best museum shops in Holland

You don’t have to be very cultural or arty to pay a visit to a museum. Most museum shops are so great that you feel like buying everything. These are the tops five in Holland and we like them a lot. Read more.

The Chanel-bag. Once you have one, you should prepare yourself for a life filled with approving nods from fashion sisters and waiters that move faster bringing you that baby chair. Or a white napkin being placed on the ground under your trophy. Read more.

How to make online shopping even more fun

There is a postman at the door to our office at least four times per week, delivering an order to one of us. Your editors are extremely fond of online shopping and since we spend most of the God-given day behind our laptops, it’s easy to click something into the basket. However, the more popular online shopping is becoming, the more confusing it’s getting. So, to shed some light in the darkness and to offer you all a helping hand, add these sites to your favourites and online shopping will become even more fun. Read more.

Shopping habits to cease immediately

I too am one of those woman that stands in front of her closet every morning, pouting that I have absolutely nothing to wear. Nothing! Even though my cupboard is quite large, and quite full, and has something new added to it every week. The problem is that I generally buy the same thing. I have at least 30 short skirts (my favourite item for this winter) but always forget to buy things I can wear on top. I also tend to buy things for special occasions yet not so suitable for other days. To give myself a kick under the behind, and to give you all one too, hereby the bad shopping habits that have to cease immediately. Read more.

Don’t think for a moment that the Angels spend even one moment chilling out on the couch. Nope, the gym is their home for the moment. Read more.