7 Steps to ease the hangover

Last night was probably way too much fun and you probably did not say no to that fourth, what am I thinking, that seventh glass of champagne. And why not. The only downside is that today you probably can’t prise those eyes open and it feels like a bus ran over your head. So hereby a few tips to help save the day. Or for tomorrow morning, if there are any traces of the weekend left over. These handy tips will make sure they’re not seen in any case.

1. Splash it

Fairly cliche, but to wash the weekend away, you need to splash with cold water. In combination with a good cleanser, so you can get rid of all those make-up leftovers. This will encourage the blood flow, pores can breathe and your skin will get its glow back. The start.

Ultra gentle cleansing cream, € 21,95, Collistar via Douglas

2. Another glass please

They say that champagne is the best cure for a hangover. It pulls the skin tighter, so no more tired face. However drinking a few large glasses of water is even better. Alcohol sucks all the moisture out of the skin, instead of rehydrating it. Water will make sure that you get some colour back and that your skin can breathe again. And you’ll more than likely feel much better when you wake up. Start now.

3. CC cream

Water and cleansing are long term solutions, but to cover up the tiredness you could use a CC cream. It feeds the skin and balances the colour out.

CC cream aquasource, € 22,95, Biotherm via Douglas

4. Aspirin

An aspirin is most likely high on the morning menu. Rightly so, because it’s also good for the skin. It has certain properties that help to vanquish redness and puffiness.

5. A little blush

A little blush on the cheeks brings your skin to life. You look healthier and more awake. Or on the lips, because a lipstick totally finishes a look.

Dior blush, € 43,95, Dior via Douglas

6. Open the eyes

Hanging eyes are bad news. Massage gently with your fingertips to wake everything up or place a slice of cucumber over them. Puffy eyes are the first thing people see. A concealer is thus your best friend. Mascara also works well. Two layers and your eyes look open. Go for intense black, so the whites of your eyes look even whiter and you look healthier. Apply an extra layer and no-one will notice the redness. Only on top though, leave the lower lashes bare. This creates shadows and could accentuate the dark rings under your eyes. Unwanted. Avoid eyeshadow too, makes everything too heavy. Keep it clean and fresh with a concealer and mascara, and you’ll look fine.

Mascara volume million lashes, € 10, L’Oréal Paris

7. Don’t forget your hair

You probably don’t have a whole lot of time to wash your hair either, so use a dry shampoo. It’ll create volume and smell fresh. Then stroke with a Mason Pearson brush, to get the shine and life back. If you have a really bad hangover, wear your hair up. Looks fresh and if you wear it tightly combed back it’ll give you a natural face-lift. A beachy look is prohibited today.

Droogshampoo, € 19,20 , Biosilk via Douglas