Ode to Oil

When someone mentions oil in a beauty context, you probably think of a shiny, sticky mess. Well don’t, because oil is extremely good for your skin and hair and can do a lot to create a healthy look. What it’s good for? I’ll tell you.


You can smear yourself silly with creams, but oil is still the best at hydration. It softens the skin and it reacts well to natural ingredients, absorbing them. If you use a natural oil that is, otherwise your skin may react differently.

1. Yentl Oil, Pure arganolie, € 37, Yentloil.com

Hair mask

Problems with dull hair? Or have you just dyed it and now it feels stiff? An oil can feed hair intensely. Leave it to soak for fifteen minutes and then rinse it out well. Your hair will shine and highlights will look even brighter.

2. Rejuvenating Oil, € 30, Philip B  

Body scrub

An oil can make a great body scrub. You can make it yourself, by mixing oil and sea salt together, or you can buy one. Talasso-scrub from Collistar is a lovely example. The sea salt does its work by removing dead skin cells, but the oil remains on the skin and hydrates the body with a lovely layer left behind.

3. Talasso Scrub, € 24,95, Collistar via Douglas.nl

Make-up primer

A dry oil works perfectly as the basis for make-up. You shouldn’t choose a greasy one obviously, because that’ll turn into one big shining mess. A dry oil is absorbed easily, feeds the skin and foundations and powders go on more evenly and smoothly, giving the ultimate result. If you’re not into doing this, go for a foundation with oil as one of the main ingredients. You’ll still get a lovely glow.

4. Beautifying Oil Brazil Nut, € 10, The Bodyshop

Extra glow

Oil would not be oil if it did not provide a gloss. In this case, don’t go for a dry oil, but rather an oil that is absorbed easily into the skin, but that leaves a glow and a bit of glitter behind. The Nuxe dry oil for instance, the best buy if you’re in Paris. It has Vitamin E as an ingredient that feeds and softens, but it also leaves an amazing sheen behind. Lovely on bare legs.

5. Huile Prodigieuse, € 39,50, Nuxe

Banish dry patches

Healthy nails? Starts at the cuticle. You obviously do not want dry lines on your nails. If you apply a tiny bit of cuticle oil to your cuticles every morning and evening, you’ll quickly banish them. Most cuticle oils contain Vitamin E, which feeds the nails so they can grow nicely.

6. Cuticle oil, € 3,50, Hema