don’t clean your face at night too?

A while back I was confronted with a Female First study that didn’t show surprising results, but did show something I hoped everyone knew not to. The title of the article was: “Women leave makeup on too long”. Quite the number of, how shall I put it, worrying results came to the fore. Apparently, 20 % of all the participating women leaves on mascara for three days. Three days? It could be worse. Five percent of the interviewed women ‘enjoyed’ five days. Half of all the ladies that were interviewed applied their makeup around seven or eight in the morning and took it off around half past nine in the evening. How they get it off, they didn’t tell, but it’s clear the results are worrying and that these women have worn their makeup for way too long. They also hardly clean their makeup brushes and sponges. A quarter of the women even said never to have cleaned them at all, and a third only does so every six weeks.

Do you feel as though we’re talking about you? Or did you also wake up with a lash imprint on your pillowcase and foundation spots on your bedcover? No worries. My dearest Amayzine HQ colleagues have found themselves in similar predicaments, and this research managed to stirr up some conversation. Quite a lot of confessions were made, simply too good to keep to myself, and, besides, you might find it all very recognisable.

May-Britt used to clean her face with baby wipes. No foam, no lotion, only baby wipes. And Jet, she sometimes just goes to bed after a night of dancing without removing her makeup first. Cause is mere laziness and the result is regret the next morning. But you can tell from her gorgeous skin that she usually adheres to the rules. Only when the cotton balls are finished will she ever use toilet paper, which, she says, doesn’t work anyway. She might also clean her skin with shower gel if she ran out of cotton balls. Also not very good for the skin, she thinks, but it works fine.

And let’s not forget Liesbeth. According to her own words, she’s always a disaster when it comes to cleaning her skin. “I always say that I’m cleaning my face at night, which, I hardly do. It’s a lie, really, I NEVER do it. Sometimes, I’ll take a shower before going to bed and wash everything away, but that’s about it. Usually, in the mornings, I take off all the mascara with a cotton ball and some cleansing lotion that was running down my cheeks due to my morning shower (hello panda look), and afterwards I put on some day cream. I used to use a serum and Estée Lauder’s day cream, but my budget isn’t big enough to do this anymore. I now apply a moisturiser from Uncover Skincare, which was in Amayzine’s launch party’s goodiebag. A delicious cream, by the way. I hardly ever go to a beautician and I’ve got ‘buy face wash’ on my to do list for ages. When I’m 70 and have wrinkles down to my knees I’m going to hate myself so much.”

I used to wear my mascara a night too many after a night of dancing, only to apply another layer on it the next morning. But now, as beauty editor, you must understand I’ve got to stick to the rules. Every morning and every night, Clinique’s cleansing ritual is used and I’ve got to admit, the results are very positive. When I just started doing it, I thought it was such a hassle to take the time to do all this. But now it’s just part of the routine of getting up and going to bed.

And now, ladies, a beauty tip from beauty editor. No time, don’t feel like it, ignore your reasons. If you don’t want to have a wrinkled face when your eighty, you better cleanse your skin. Your toiletries table can be littered with wonderful and expensive bottles and creams, but they won’t help unless you cleanse your skin first. So take a good loop at this shopping and take the time to 1. Buy the products and 2. Turn them into your best friends. Good luck!

1. Lait Confort, € 33,95, Chanel
2. Gentle Two-Phase Make-up Remover, € 20,95, Collistar
3. Step 1, of the 3, Cleansing soap, € 26,50, Clinique
4. Biosource Nettoyant Ecfoliance, € 19,95, Biotherm
5. Lyslait Reinigingsmelk, € 72,90, Sisley
6. Well off Make-up Remover, € 19,00, Origins
7. Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser, € 28, Bobbi Brown
8. Perfectly Clean Multi Action Cleansing Refiner, € 23,50, Estee Lauder
9. Cleansing Bar, Miracle Mentha, € 23,95, Gamila Secret
10.  Purete Thermale Cleansing lotion eyes waterproof, € 13,75, Vichy