Becoming a PARTY QUEEN

Gigi Bowmer is Global Make-up Artist of Estée Lauder Benelux. Because next week is the week we all put our best outfits on and want the coolest looks, she is giving us a few tips on how to achieve the best party look. Or if you’re working, to get through the day looking glamorous. I say: read and learn.

Simply Elegant

“Apply a thin line along the lash edge with a black eye pencil. Smudge it a little. Apply a little shimmer eyeshadow on a moving eye lid. Choose a more stand-out colour for the crease. Use mascara royally. Dab some blush on the apple of the cheeks with your fingertip and go for a vibrant lipstick on the mouth.”

rapid Glamour

“Draw a black line around and just inside the eye. Apply more for a feistier look. It does not need to be precise, because you should smudge it in with your finger, in the direction of the crease. Dab a vibrant eyeshadow of choice over the top. Apply more black eye pencil around the eye and don’t forget the inner corner. Avoid thick lines.”

From drinks to evening party?

“Spread a little drop of Advanced Night Repair over your fingertips, and lightly beat them ‘piano style’ all over your face. Can even be applied directly over make-up. You’ll immediately look glowing and fresh.”

From work to drinks?

“Use the lightest shimmer eyeshadow; dab with fingertips as a highlighter just above the brow, on the jaw bone, cupid’s bow and a touch on the bridge of your nose.”

The tip for touching make-up up during the day.

“Don’t clean it all off. Rather fade the present eyeshadow in and work over the top of it.”

Don’t forgot your eyebrows!

“Mix eyeshadow colours to the exact colour of your brows or your hair and then apply. The rule is to lengthen; which opens the face and creates elegance. For a killer brow, apply some concealer with a q-tip along the top and bottom of the lengthened brow to create a taut line. This is a 2 in 1: a highlighter plus a super cool brow.”