Never a dull moment at the Spoor residence. And we have the proof.

Last week was restaurant-week, so THE perfect moment to try out a few new restaurants! This time we went for an old favourite and tested their new ‘street food’ menu, at &Samhoud Places. But the classic Tomeato Burger could not be left off the order!

 Filming ‘De Zwarte Tulp’ is on hold at the moment, so I am temporarily saying goodbye to my personage ‘Kat’. I think I might actually start missing the sticky vanilla lipgloss and candy floss hair during the next 2 weeks…
The winter season is around the corner, so time for a photo shoot for Stijl Maastricht!. I had suuuch a craving for all those new outfits, this is by far their best collection ever. Chunky knits, turtle-necks, lots of bordeaux and green: completely my style!. I seriously cannot wait until the temperature drops.
My built in Zen moment of the week is my hour of Pilates at Studio Linda Nidelstein. The classes are max 5 people, so you get personal attention and guidance. The massages are highly recommended too, you literally float out of the door.
Tip of the week: The Mulberry store in the Roermond Outlet shopping village. I went totally crazy when I got there: a candy store with full on sales! I could not resist, I’m weak, I know, but admit it: you wouldn’t have been able to leave this sweetie behind either? The consequence is that I’ll be eating crackers and peanut butter for the next few weeks.