This week Carolien takes us on another journey through her crazy, busy life. Check out all the fun she’s been having.

The tea from ‘So T’ is almost like candy. Two scoops of this dried fruit mix in a cup of hot water and as soon as it’s drawn, spoon the tea-mix on top for a sweet treat.

Beautiful nails that last make me super happy! When ‘Shellac’ came on to the market, I immediately had mine done. Downside: Removing Shellac is a major operation. So I jumped with joy when I discovered ‘Striplac’. It works like Shellac, but you ‘strip’ the nail polish off in layers: perfect!

You can wake me up for Sushi at just about any time of the day. My favourite Sushi place is ‘A Fusion’ on the Zeedijk. I also make it myself regularly: the preparation requires a bit of time & effort, but the end result is more than worth it!

In New York you cannot pass a street without passing a fashionista wearing ‘Birkenstocks’. My love needed some time to adjust, according to him: ‘The crossover to Crocs is very small from here…” After two weeks of convincing and promising that I would sooner jump off a bridge than wear Crocs, I started secretly surfing for the perfect pair of Birkenstocks. The Classic, black with black buckles, or a beige pair with gold buckles.

Last weekend we travelled to Italy with the family to attend the dream wedding of my aunty. My sister and I were witnesses and we chose to wear the same outfit. We found this colourful dress at Forever 21.