– Les 4 Ombres de Chanel –


You’re probably facing a fun weekend of Easter. It still has to start so you’ve got all the time in the world to practise today, and show off your skills tomorrow and Sunday. Because a box of 4 Ombres eyeshadow from Chanel, and some tips from their makeup artist Judith Neyens is really all you need.


Cleanse your face completely. Even if you’re only wearing a bit of makeup. Remove everything. If you want to paint, you need to have a blank canvas. Choose for a foundation that has the colour of your skin. Judith chose the Perfection Lumiere Velvet 20 beige for May-Britt.


Eyebrows are vital if you want nicely done eyes. Brush them first. Start at the nose and brush upwards along the course of the hair. Judith used Le Sourcil from Chanel and we’ve all been such big fans ever since. It creates the most beautiful eyebrows in a go. It’s a great box with three colours of eyebrow powder so that you can compile the ideal colour. For an intense effect, don’t forget to wet your brush a bit, and try to sketch all kinds of small hairs in your eyebrows.

SMOKY eyes

For a festive and nicely done smoky eye, apply the colours with a wet brush. It really gives you an intense effect. Judith used les 4 Ombres Tissé Cambon 228 for May-Britt, a happy palette. Pay attention now because it’s quite precise.

1. Dip your brush in some water. Take the darker colour of 4 Ombres and apply it on the entire eyelid.

2. Go a shade lighter and blend the ends of the darkest colour a bit more towards the outside of your face. The transition’s more smooth that way.

3. Take the lightest colour and put it in the corner of your eyes and a bit underneath the eyebrows. It’ll give you a fresh look.

4. Take the darkest colour again and trace a line underneath the eye. With a brush because it’s okay to have it look a bit thick which gives it a really good smoky effect.

5. Use the eyeliner to draw a nice line against the rim of your lashes. Stylo Yeux Waterproof Noir Intense 88 has a very intense colour. Pull upwards slightly at the corners of the eyes, it lifts the eyes a bit.


The golden tip before applying mascara is to curl your lashes. Really, believe me, you’ll see an immediate difference. The lashes are instantly volumised. You need to do this where your lash rim starts and use little motions. This way, you won’t damage the lashes and you’ll see a natural curl instead of a crinkly one. Upper and lower lashes.

BLUSH and lips

The look’s almost finished. Because it’s an intense look, it’s great to choose a cream blush. It’s very natural. Apply if with your fingers and blend it nicely with your foundation. Blush cream de Chanel Destiny n°61 is a colour that’s great if you want to go for a fresh look. As a finishing touch, use the perfect lip colour like Rouge Coco n° 48 Sentiment. Powder your entire face with les Beiges 10 and you’re done. Head to your Easter breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You’ll be the prettiest at the table.

Les 4 Ombres, € 50, Chanel