Great thing of the world is that it gets a bit more insane day by day. The latest thing to do is the ‘Loub Job’, a cosmetic treatment in which they inject botox and fillers in your feet, causing the pain in your feet to go numb. The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and costs 500 dollars, and the results last for six months. They inject fillers and botox in the balls and heels of your feet. The stuff damps the pain and the botox paralyses the nerves so you won’t feel a thing. Ideal! You don’t ever have to have feet that hurt so it sounds like the perfect thing. Especially since I just saw the latest collection of Christian Louboutin. It all looked gorgeous, as always, though it’s widespread knowledge that his shoes are impossible to walk on. But enter the Loub Job and you’ll be able to run a marathon on them. Well, not quite but you get my drift.