Slim in 9 sentences (especially for busy women)


Jet should actually be writing this article, because she’s the Happy & Healthy department, but then again I am the hard working woman that needs to fit in a runway-Gucci-dress.

Dieting is for dummies. That’s the truth. Everyone that spends their days eating shakes and powders and 8 eggs will lose weight, but it’ll come back on. Being thin is a way of life and this will help you achieve it. Yes even if you’re busy.


I know, you’d much rather spend an extra fifteen minutes in bed than make breakfast. It’s only a few calories you think. Apple in the bag and you’re on your way. Well it doesn’t work like that. A good breakfast is the fire lighter for your oven. Besides, you’ll get a dip around eleven, that leads to lower concentration levels and hardworking women don’t like that. Eat breakfast. Yoghurt with fruit and granola is a good way to start your day and no-one will get fat from it.

Skip carbs, choose protein

You get drowsy from a lunch with carbohydrates. Or do you feel jittery with energy after eating four sandwiches with ham and cheese? No right? If you choose for a protein rich lunch, you’ll notice the difference in drive and energy. Go for a salad with low fat meat or egg. A little piece of bread is allowed.


And I do not mean coffee, too much coffee makes you irritable, stressed and you sleep badly. Keep coffee to max three cups per day. Drinking more will damage your teeth. Keep hydrated. If you don’t like water, then drink boiled water with ginger and lemon. Or stand a jug with mint-water on your desk and make sure you finish at least two of them.

Cook big portions

If you’re making soup or cooking anyway, be it light chilli con carne or curry, make lots of it. Then freeze it, so when you come home from a heavy day of meetings and Don’t Feel Like cooking, you won’t succumb to a snack bar visit but will rather eat a happy and healthy meal.

write it down

I know, you don’t have time to do it, but it will seriously help to gain insight into your eating pattern. After I gave birth I carried two extra kilos around with me on my hips that seemed very happy to stay. I didn’t eat that much, I thought. But after I started a food diary, I pinpointed the guilty items. That mega-latte that I always bought on my way to the office. Made with full milk and at least 200 calories. I sometimes had two. Latte out the window, kilos off the hips.

 Mix it up

Don’t eat monotonously. It’s boring but also unhealthy. Make sure that a third of your plate is made up of veggies and fruit, a third of carbohydrates and a third of meat or fish.

bring on the fat

Good fats are essential. They provide energy and produce a hormone that helps you through stress. So let us hardworking women lunch on avocados, salmon, olive and eggs.

Slim snacking

Always make sure you have something in your bag for that snack attack. I’m a fan of the Go Green bar that Jet has popped in the goodie bags for this evening. It satisfies my sugar craving and I’ve usually had enough after half a bar. Jet also has nice little bags of nuts, they’re called Bites We Love. Looks good and stills the in-between hunger.

Magnesium monster

This mineral helps your body handle a hectic lifestyle. There are loads of foods that contain magnesium like pumpkin and sesame seeds, almonds and spinach. You could also buy a magnesium supplement at a good nutrition store if you don’t like those foods.

Can I have another helping of bicycle chain?

I was prescribed Floradix after giving birth. An iron rich drink that tastes like melted down bicycle chain. Difficult to swallow (although my children like it) but it works well. Because nature has decided that we need to bleed once a month, woman need extra iron. It makes you more beautiful too. Those bags will disappear.