Christian Louboutin

It might be a bit odd to talk about Louboutins as Style Icons since I only wear sneakers. I understand. But if I ever were to buy a pair of high heels, it will probably be these ones. Although May-Britt and Liesbeth, heels aficionados, say they walk horribly. Liesbeth wrote about the Loub Job yesterdat, which makes you be able to walk a few streets extra. But hey, let’s be clear, it’s all about the looks.

My meeting with Louboutin

I’ve already had them in my hands before. I had to photograph them for Marie Claire. My colleagues were really enthusiastic (read: hysterical) when they arrived at the office and afterwards, I treated them with velvet gloves. They were Louboutins, no less. The iconic status of which is proved by the following.

Love at first sight

Christian Louboutin visited the Musée National des Arts in 1976 and saw a sign that women weren’t allowed to walk on sharp stilettos. They would damage the floor. Mister Louboutin has always been a bit rebellious and wanted to break the rules. He wanted women to feel confident and powerful. He got a job at Charles Jourdan, the shoe designer for Christian Dior. After a while he started to freelance for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, only to start his own shoe brand and salon in 1991.

Celebs on red shoes

Celebs adore the shoes. Ines de la Fressange, Diane con Furstenberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Beyoncé are all fans. Lady Gaga has also been spotted on them, though of course on ones that had a great design.

Red sole

The red sole is the characteristic of Louboutin’s, and so was the way it came to exist. He thought something was lacking in his designs and asked his assistant’s red nail polish. He coloured the black soles and made them red. Stilettos have never been so feminine.