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– Veuve Clicquot –

New Year’s eve is on the program and you’re probably already busy choosing an outfit or sticking on your false lashes. Only one thing you shouldn’t forget: Champagne. No cheers without Champagne, no toasts without Veuve Clicquot, the Champagne master.

And believe me, we should know. We’ve been through quite a number of Champagne bottles this year, from our jubilee party to the Mercur nomination, and Jet’s housewarming party to the sushi lunch. I know, it sounds like we need to place the letter A in front of Amayzine, but it’s not that bad yet. We do keep a few standard bottles of cold Champagne in our fridge, and we celebrate every happy moment. Everyone should.

So. Nothing in house yet? Go, run to the shop and buy a bottle of Brut Carte Jaune and then enjoy a wonderful evening. And enjoy, because it’s worth it.

Have a great night!