I almost don’t need to explain who Noor is. A real Amayzine friend. See here and here. She’s usually traveling around the world, but is in Amsterdam currently for a few weeks. Not for vacation either, so I was lucky to be able to grab a few minutes of her time for TGIF. Noor, how was your week?

Almost weekend! Have you had a busy week?

“Extremely! I had so many appointments this week, because I’m home a little longer than normal for a change. We also recently have a new addition to our team and we needed to train them alongside all the usual “blogger” deadlines. Wednesday brought bad news with it. My Macbook decided to go on strike due to overuse, which caused a fair amount of stress.”

 When does your weekend start officially?

“Hopefully at 7pm! I’m cooking with some girlfriends and afterwards we’re popping into town for a drink, although with this weather it’ll probably be somewhere inside close to a fireplace.”

 What’s your favourite weekend outfit?

“I’m usually quite dressed up for my blog, so on the weekend I love pulling on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.”

 What are you doing on Sunday?

“To be very honest I mostly end up working, or coming back from somewhere. If I’m in Amsterdam I enjoy walking through the city to see things from a different perspective.”

What does your ideal Sunday look like? Can be anything!

“I would love to sleep late, eat lots of macaroons for breakfast and drink coffee, then go shopping and finally end the day at the Conservatorium Hotel spa. Do I sound spoiled now?

You travel a lot, do you live out of ginormous suitcases?

“Yes, I’ve been home now for a two week period after almost 6 months of only living out of suitcases. I am so happy to be able to have all my stuff (I mean clothes) around me , but secretly can’t wait to go traveling again.”

Where do you feel the most at home?

“Besides Amsterdam, in Los Angeles. I spend most of my time there, around 4 months per year. The weather is always great, I know loads of people and I know my way around. I used to find it so cliche when people said “LA felt like home immediately” but actually it did for me too.

Where do you find rest, peace and inspiration?

“At the moment I’m finding it difficult to find them, I keep on trying to plan ahead but it doesn’t always work. I’ve been watching more TV series lately in the evenings (at the moment New Girl) and that gives me rest. I get 100% inspiration from my travels and new experiences.”

What music do you listen to on the weekend?

“My boyfriend’s studio is right next to my office so I hear music regularly throughout the week (and that’s putting it mildly), so I prefer a bit of quiet on the weekend. At the moment I’m into Gregory Porter so I play that a lot. I also play the piano and guitar so I do that frequently on the weekend.”

What’s your summer drink?

“Sparkling water or beer. Pretend you didn’t hear that!”

What time does your alarm clock go off on Monday?

“7am! On Monday I’m attempting to start going to the gym for the 100.001 time.”