WE’re all bloody nervous for tomorrow, let alone how Ilse DeLange must feel. Especially now that rumours are circulating she lost her Jimmy Choos. Time to ask her how she’s doing.

Did you lose your Jimmy Choos?

‘I did, they’ve disappeared entirely. They’ve been bought again on the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam and transported to Schiphol airport. Someone from TROS is taking the shoes with him/her and getting on a plane at 16.30.

Thank God for that because you’re probably thinking about other things. Are you really busy?

‘Not that busy at the moment, I’m sitting in my changing room waiting for the rehearsals of the flag ceremony. Haven’t got a clue what’s about to happen, I think I just need to practise walking around with an enormous flag. Perhaps a bit like the Olympic Games.’

Tomorrow’s the big day, what’s the first thing you’ll think about after waking up? 

’Today’s the day! And then it feels like it’s my birthday.’

Are you two getting nervous already?

‘Waylon isn’t bothered at all, but I’ve managed to control my nerves now. We’ve practised to many times. I know I’ll still find it exciting tomorrow. I’ll just repeat to myself: “This is just a normal performance, it’s really no big deal.” It helps, haha. When we’ve got to sit on the bench after our performance, I’ll probably be nervous as hell.’

Looking at a quiet evening?

‘Well, not really, we’ve got a rehearsal with the jury. At which points are to be won too. I’m of course wearing my prettiest dress from Claes. But we’re heading back to our hotel at about half past twelve and I’d like to go straight to bed.’

You’re wearing Cleas Iversen tomorrow. Have you already decided on your looks for all the other moments? 

‘My stylist Anouk van Griensven already went shopping in Paris last week. Everything’s very country and sixties, lots of lace and embroideries. We didn’t prepare outfits for every day, but we’ll just try on different things.’

And Sunday, what are you doing then? Will you pop a cork?

‘The way things look now we’ll probably be heading home. With an incredibly satiated feeling. Everything that’s happened already gives me such an amazing feeling: the ambience’s great. I feel like we’ve already won. And I’m definitely going to get drunk. But how many corks will pop entirely depends on the results.’