Blogger Linda Tol, recognisable from far by her style and hair. Photographers storm her whenever they see her. Her Instagram account and site are full of inspiring photos. Not for nothing that she won the Zalando’s Blogger Award 2014. She’s been living in Milan since recently (of course, you have to have been there). Linda, how was your week?

Almost weekend. You must have had a very busy week with fashion week and as winner of the Zalando’s Blogger Award. How did you celebrate?

I only managed to see one show this season. Because of my departure to Milan. Where I am at the moment. I didn’t think I’d make it to the Zalando’s Blogger Awards, but I luckily made it in the end. It was a surprise for everyone. I had a great evening.

How do you start your weekend in milan?

I usually meet up with some friends around 8pm for an aperitif. The we go to dinner and often end the evening with another cocktail. Depends on how busy the week has been.

Do you have a favourite weekend outfit?

Jeans, t-shirt or sweater and sneakers. Super comfortable.

What happens in Milan on sundays?

We usually meet up with friends for brunch.

What does your ideal sunday look like? tell all!

Sleep late, elaborate breakfast, spend hours in my pyjamas, music on and if the weather is good, I’ll go for a walk. Meet up with friends for a late lunch or drink. I do a bit of food shopping in the late afternoon for cooking a delicious dinner later at home.

Where do you find time, rest and inspiration?

I travel a lot and get very inspired by it. This varies from menus at restaurants, to the environment, shops, people I meet and street style.

My life is quite hectic, I actually work seven days per week. On Sundays I try to take it a little slower. But I need to go on vacation to get real rest. I’m going to Cesme in August for a 5 day, all inclusive trip booked via Corendon, and really looking forward to it. Enjoying walks, eating, reading and catching up on sleep.

What kind of music do you listen to on the weekend?

Depends on my mood. At the moment I’m enjoying happy summer beats.

What is your summer drink?

Fresh Ice tea or coconut water, I’ve become addicted to it lately.

What time does your alarm go off on monday?

7am. I’m leaving for London (going for 24 hours for a photo shoot) and then back to Milan for some appointments.