The Harper’s Bazaar launch Party

We’ve been walking around with a mixed feeling of excitement and light panic for weeks because the Harper’s Bazaar launch party was staring at us from the agenda, wonderful yes, BUT what to wear?! ‘Save the Date’ was soon followed by the paper invitation through the letterbox, which was the start signal for the official phase of total outfit crisis. We’re talking Bazaar here. Yesterday, amidst a downpour, 350 people dressed in Bazaar-proof outfits climbed into taxis and cars heading direction the ‘Amsterdamse Tropenmuseum’ for the great unveiling of Holland’s newest fashion magazine.

Lady of the evening Cécile Narinx was dressed in bright red (as was cover model Anna de Rijk), and stood out against the mostly dressed in black fashion public. She was a tiny bit anxious, but in high spirits and ready to make it an unforgettable evening. I know Cécile from my ELLE days and she taught me endless amounts about magazines, fashion and writing but also about phenomena such as ‘Plop’, karaoke, The Song Festival and Lee Towers. Bet you didn’t expect that huh? I asked “Are we going to have a bit of karaoke or something like that tonight?”, and she retorted “Does Lee Towers wear glasses?”. And so the tone was set for the evening, everything would be just fine.

Gorgeous girls dressed in Playboy Bunny suits (still not quite sure why bunnies if I’m totally honest) stood ready to serve champagne, which is exactly what I had been looking forward to all day. Inside was like a great big reunion of all ex ELLE colleagues and other fashion people. Lots of air kisses, heeeyy-how-are-you-haven’t seen-you-in-ages and of course, of course posing in front of the photo-wall. I used to be very camera shy, but that was beaten out of me during my first month of working at ELLE. My stage fright also vanished into thin air, because when you combine a fashion party with the (ex) ELLE editorial team, I can promise you that they will be the first and last on the stage doing their best impressions of Beyoncé moves.

There were of course many others besides the ELLE-people. The TV programs ‘Shownieuws’ and ‘RTL Boulevard’ were focused on Olcay Gulsen, Kim Feenstra, Nikki Plessen and Bastiaan van Schaik, while Karin Swerink shared some private editor-in-chief words with Hilmar Mulder. Jan Taminiau, Edwin Oudshoorn, Matthijs van Bergen and Viktor & Rolf represented the designers of the country and the online rulers were Yara Michels and Ivania Carpio, who combined have almost as many page views as there are people living in Holland (almost okay).

Several hours after Cécile’s opening speech and when the first guests had just departed, I popped outside to have a cigarette and mull over the evening. You know, sometimes life works against you and a party with loved ones, great music, cold champagne and gorgeously dressed people is exactly what you need. When I got back inside I saw that the ‘trouble’ had just begun, that high heels had been swapped for sneakers and you know that when Anita Meijer starts playing, the evening is complete. Cécile, plop cheers plop, to the coming 100 years of Harper’s and national dances.

Photos by: Dennis Veldman