Having a laugh with Anna Wintour. It’s possible!

Now that the MET Gala has finished and we all have to find something else to fret about it’s extremely pleasant to have The Internet where things just never get old. Last week, my favourite guilty pleasure the Daily Mail showed me the following to clips I’d like to share with you.

First, it’s the sneak peek clip that Cynthia Rowley made inside the MET gala. That’s right, inside. The American designer hid a GoPro camera in her clutch and was able to tape some unique footage from the side of the gala we mortals will never see. Admittedly, the footage is not THAT shocking, we at least hoped for some sleaze and dirt, but it’s still very entertaining to watch. Whether miss Wintour appreciates this is someting I’m not too sure about but what I do know is that Cynthia totally earned her pointes with me cause I LOVE a bold move like this.

Even though she looks quite tense at the moment. Together with co-chair Sarah Jessica Parker she made an appearance at the Late Night With Seth Meyers show, and, shock and horror, looked like a human being! With feelings! And humour! And other scary emotions! Her daughter Bee Shaffer is the show’s producer so perhaps motherly love does conquer icy attitudes. The two talk and joke about how men had such difficulties with the dress code of white tie.