Why I hate the winter

You can shout loudly about how wonderful open fireplaces are, and how romantic snow is, but you will never convince me that winter is fun. I hate winter.

Wearing heels is a disaster

As soon as your wonderful snow arrives, it’s game over in the shoe department. My pumps are too cold, and I refuse to destroy my leather boots walking through it. And the snow in the city always turns into a dirty mess and then this dirty mess freezes into life threatening ice and you try walking over that in 12cm heels.

Your skin looks like fish scales

I can rub body lotion in continuously, but it is near impossible to keep a healthy glowing skin. Especially on my legs, they turn pale and scaly.

Your lips are in pain 24/7

Due to the constant temperature change from heated home or office to bitter cold outside, your lips go crazy. They dry out and burst and HURT.

All your cute, easy outfits don’t work anymore

Because you need to endlessly ponder on if it’s warm enough. I mean there is no easy dressing anymore because any warm outfit is made up of at least 89 layers and that’s a mission.

Dressing up for an evening out becomes dangerous business

Because most dresses look better without pantyhose, but you try cycling to a party in bare legs. Don’t do it. You are left at the mercy of taxis but even that is a pain because running from the door to the street without pantyhose is, indeed, not possible.

your hair has a regular bad day

Maybe it’s only mine, but my hair seems to be so goddam static in cold temperatures that there is just no saving it.

Your nails break

Same thing, I usually have quite strong nails but they seem to break all the time in the cold. I don’t like.

the scale is on tilt

Considering that your body is hidden under 89 layers of clothing all day, that one extra cookie does not seem to matter. Neither does the Mars. Snickers. Mince pie. Christmas cake. Anyone interested in pizza?

It is cold everywhere all the time

My greatest frustration in life. I admit, I get cold quickly, but now it is cold everywhere. The whole time, all the time.