4 things you need to do

When you go to the hairdresser


As you’re reading this, I’m indulging in a mini hair makeover. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend my morning running around with sea salt spray, hair curlers and rollers because walking around with slouchy hair is the absolute worst thing you could possibly do.



Make sure your hair is washed and styled

Sounds very contradictory I know, but if you walk into a salon with greasy hair in a dangling bun, your hair stylist is going to think this is your everyday look. Pull out all the stops and your hairdresser will do the same for you.


Squeaky-clean makeup

Lighting at a hair salon is everything but flattering. So before even considering asking for a little rope and ladder (and someone to push over that ladder) try your best to look presentable. For yourself, and for the rest of mankind.


The outfit

Even though you’re hidden under a black cape, your outfit needs to be on point. I’d like to refer back to point number 1, you want to make it clear that they are dealing with a person of style, but you are also very aware that your choice in clothing can obstruct the cutting process. No hard collars because they are hopelessly obstruent. And be careful what kind of fabric you wear, you don’t want to walk around as a human hair magnet.


Realistic preparations

Bring a couple of examples of hairstyles you would like to have. Speaking on behalf of the hairdresser: choose viable pictures (chopping your hair into a pixie when you’ve got floor length hair and a limited amount of time is a bit tricky) and be aware that mister hairdresser might be able to work his magic on your hair, but that doesn’t mean he can reconstruct your head and body to be identical to the picture. For that you need to knock on someone else’s door


Good luck!