MEN AND their female ways


Do you know the Reddit site? It is a sort of social news website, where people can upload their own content that other users can in turn ‘up vote’ or ‘down grade’. There’re also special ‘subreddits’, like ‘askreddit’, where users can ask a question and thousands of others can then respond. The site is rather on the ugly side, but once you have the hang of it you’ll be away for hours. Anyhow, recently I came across the topic, “Males of Reddit, what’s your most girly secret?” and, as you can imagine, that really grabbed my attention.

No fewer than 10,000 men responded so we can cautiously assume this is a reasonably broad research group. May I share the best with you? And do invite the men you know to add their voices.

“I enjoy knitting and make my friends hats. They tell me it’s girly until their heads are cold and then ask me to make them a hat.”

“I wore suck-in underwear that women use to look thinner, to my sister’s wedding. I was one of the groomsmen.”

“I sleep with stuffed animals.”

“I use a piece of tissue to wipe after I pee.”

“I like flowers more than people. I also love rose tea, and pretty much anything rose scented.”

“I hate “guy” shampoo and body wash. I use a strawberry cream shampoo, green apple conditioner and a coconut and almond butter body wash with moisturizer. And damn I smell good.”

“Mean girls is one of my favorite movies.”

“I’m a grown ass man. Big red beard, tattoos, snake, motorcycle, guns… And if I could somehow spend all day playing with kittens my life would be comlete.”

“Sometimes when I feel down I listen to Frozen’s “Let It Go” at full volume when I’m alone.”

“I like Taylor Swift songs.”

“I can’t live a lie anymore, I sit down to pee. It’s so much easier. It’s just better in every way.”

“Fucking love baking.”

“I want my own boobs. Boobs are awesome.”

“I get coffee from Starbucks with soy milk and suger free vanilla sweetener. My girlfriend thinks it’s black.”

“I’m at a job interview right now and nobody suspects that my toenails are painted.”

“My goodness do I love Frozen.”

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