Do you ever walk into your room turn around and walk out again because of the mess? You come to a point where you just can’t go on any longer and it’s time to face the music. Then you think: ‘Holy shit, where do I start? Look at the state of this place! How did this happen?’

Do you recognize this? I do. Who would have thought, right? I’m the king of cleaning house but also the queen of trashing. My house is cute but not very big. There are piles everywhere, storage boxes, more piles and bags filled with stuff. This is what it looks like at it’s best. Luckily I have a sweet cleaner (I’d recommend it to anyone) but I’m suppose to keep the place orderly, vacuum once in a while and pull the duster through and today I share with you my cleaning routine so you get a idea of how I go about cleaning my house. Is anyone volunteering to help? Or isn’t it as bad as it looks?

All the stuff that’s on the floor or lying around somewhere I lay out in the couch. Same goes for the bedroom. Everything that’s on the floor goes on the bed. The floor has to be clear of stuff, everywhere.

I usually start in the bedroom and make stacks: clean, laundry, ironing, dry cleaners. Then I think about what I plan to do with them.

It’s a good time to put on some music, then I check my phone to see if i’ve missed anything and put the kettle on. Half an hour later I resume my task.

Back to the bedroom. After a little while I really get into it and start enjoying myself. I sometimes even empty out my drawers to sort them out, placing everything back neatly.

It often happens that, when I return to the living room to get something, I start a new task. Cleaning up something else that looks messy. I don’t really have an organized system, do I?

If I fill a bucket with cleaning liquid. I’m in a good mood, everything gets a soak.

The dining table is notorious for piling. If you have a lot of junk, make piles, it looks better and orderly. I start by going through the piles (of ahum envelopes) and make new ones while dividing them into important and not important.

Oh and I have garbage bags in every room. A lot gets thrown out.

Sometimes I find something nice and I fall down on the couch (yep in the mess) to read it through which sets me back another half hour.

Right. I get up again and stroll through the house, scratch my forehead and think it’s rather a big task. I talk some sense into me, make another cuppa, turn up the music and carry on.

The bedroom is slowly turning into a bedroom again.

There’s plenty left to do in the living room and I am always left with a pile of junk that doesn’t belong anywhere. So it’s going into the bin.

The couch is slowly turning into a couch and I fluff up the cushions, fold my plaid nice and neat over the side. Just like in the magazines.

When the end is drawing near I make lists of things I need to buy for my home (candles, notepad, extra sheets…). I always loose the lists but I make them anyway.

Everything is where it should be except the stuff in my storage box and my junk drawer. I can’t live without these. Finally I light my Diptyque candles, the music goes up a little and it’s almost bedtime. That’s how long it takes me to clean house. But seriously; it’s like coming home to a hotel with freshly pressed sheets, fresh flowers and not  a speck of dirt anywhere.

How long I keep it like this? I’m not saying.