Cutting, coloring, brushes


Too be honest, I’m terribly predictable. Open up my wardrobe and you will exclusively see black and white pieces with a hint of grey from a pair of jeans or a flash of a stripy skirt. The same goes for my house.  The base colors are also black and white. Clearly these two shades are the foundation of my life and I have to say that I find it rather handy.

Let’s be clear. The most iconic fashion items are from the black and white family. Little black dress, crisp white shirt, black pistol boots. Name the occasion, you’re always ready for it. Of course, every now and then, I love to add a splash of color to the look. Only for a little something on the side, not too prominent. A pink clutch, a yellow sneaker or a red lip. The same code of styling is also used for my house. I have no problem with a wall that is pink or yellow.

It can be said that fashion and the way that someone lives are completely intertwined. You always want to have a perfect look and you also want to come home to a place that looks styled and inviting. You can often find me walking through the house with a little pot of paint and a brush, trying something new. I have to admit, this happens nearly as often as I pay a visit to Zara or H & M, so you do the math. With a repainted wall, a new tint for an old chair and a little lick of paint on a railing, you’ve got yourself a new home.  Beforehand I make a Pinterest board to collect my inspirations, I also cut and paste to create the most catching combinations of colors and then a rough sketch to see where the furniture should go.

I have to admit, this happens nearly as often as I pay a visit to Zara or H & M, so you do the math.’

So here is my new mood board for you to have a look. True to my style; the base is quiet, with a small, surprising color accent. I’ve gone for pink this time. The colors come from the fine brand Farrow & Ball. It is a company that has been around since 1946 and with a complete eco friendly collection they have have earned their stripes. Furthermore, these colors have the best names; Mouse’s Back, Mole’s Breath (haha!) And Cat’s Paw. My favorite colors at the moment; All White, Cornforth White and Nancy’s Blushes.

I can imagine that you are now pretty eager to start playing around and transforming your house. Well, I dare you! Create a mood board with inspiring pictures, include everything; interiors, food, fashion and travel, and of course your three favorite colors from the Farrow & Ball range which you can find on their website.  They also offer a color chart. You can cut, paste, photoshop, whatever medium works for you and takes your fancy. Do your best, post your mood board on Instagram with the #MYFABMOODBOARD and #AMAYZINE hashtags and the best mood board will be given three pots of paint in your favorite colors. Choose from the very chalky matt wall paint (Estate Emulsion) or a pot of Estate Eggshell which you can use to paint wooden furniture. Turn that beautiful mood board into a living room reality.