How to take the best festival pics

My friends and I are bloody irritating during our first festival hour. We’re still looking fresh so without shame hundreds of photos have to be taken, only to pick one to post on Instagram with the use of numerous filters and corrections. How corny, I realize this while I’m writing but we’re not the only ones. So for everyone who’s annoying at parties or festivals; how in mother’s name do you get the perfect party pic?

Watch your back

The worst backgrounds you can choose are garbage cans or some dodgy food stall. So look where you’re standing before instructing (or ordering) someone to take a picture. The best way to capture the festival atmosphere is standing in the audience.

Feet ON

Man! I get so annoyed by those chopped off feet on photos. For some reason people don’t understand how to take a picture with ALL of you on it. It just won’t do your look any justice otherwise. And that’s sad don’t you think?

Program the light

Today’s smartphones have very advanced cameras. Take the iPhone. If you tick the screen on the spot you want to focus on it automatically adjusts the lighting. This prevents pictures with a light background or shadow images in the foreground. Good tip huh?

Unique position

Try to be creative with the frame. For a different angle you can lie on the floor or stand on a bench (who cares if people stare at you). What the iPhone can do with lighting it can also do with focusing. Hold your camera close to the object (your cool boot, festival angle or whatever) and tick on the object on your screen; you’ll see the background fading. It’ll look just like a professional photograph.


How cool is it to have a few short films aside from the thousands of pictures you took on your unforgettable festival day? At Amayzine we all have discovered the Cinamatic-app. You can use this to shoot four clips of five seconds each. At the end of the day you’ll have a twenty-second video of all your festival highlights. So Instagrammable!