Strike a pose

Photo proof in 6 steps

“Maybe you should hire someone to give you some posing lessons.” Ouch, always a pleasure such an honest friend. This remark came from my friend Micha (that’s right from Micha Models) right after I showed her my press photos for Holland’s Next Top Model.

She’s right though. I’m no model and every ambition I had in that direction is still where I left it thirty years ago. (too short, too round, too fat, you know the drill). But a pretty picture is what everyone wants.

Hans de Vries was the right man at the right place at the right time. This photographer has been on the job for so long he even took a test shoot of one of our editors eleven years ago (I won’t say who but it starts with an ‘L’). With the motto 1+1=2 in my head I decided to book Hans for some new editors photos to accompany our posts. While posing I asked him to give me some tips.

Here’s some advice, a little bit from Hans and a little bit from me, so you will end up with a moderately successful photo of yourself.


remove everyone who has no business there from the scene

Remove everyone who has no business there from the scene. A tip from me. There’s nothing more annoying than hearing people around you mumbling ‘Nice’ or ‘Well well’ or even ‘ looking good’. All fatal for the concentration. Get out. All of you. cijfers-omlijnd-roze-2

Turn up the volume (but not too loud)

Mutual advice. Music is great for getting you in the right mood. For a good shoot it’s important to forget about everything for a while. Don’t think about that Facebook post you want to put out or that piece you have to write or that you still have to pay your gym bill. Just don’t. So music on. Four or five seconds of Rihanna works miracles for me. But don’t turn up the volume to loud or your won’t be able to hear the photographer.


throw in some hip

On film everything becomes smaller so you can enhance your movements. Lean on one leg, move your hip forwards, one hand on you hip and work up from there. Make sure you get length, straighten that head and, very important, stick out your chin. Your face catches more light this way and more light is better for everything.


funny thoughts

When you’ve struck the right pose in accordance with the photographer it’s time to play with your look. ‘ Think funny thoughts’, says Hans. So I thought about Jet ordering a massage at the conservatorium instead of the Conservatorium Hotel, about my goodie two shoes colleague who told his son to pea ‘ in the ocean’ and the little tike got out his tool and aimed for the ocean from the beach and there were some other thoughts that I can’t share with you. All this for a good pic. Get it?


a top MUA

In my case it was Elles Nijkamp. She brings out the beauty in you and make sure it stays that way. She gets rid of people. For example those holding their own camera making a report of the day while you don’t even have your makeup on. She makes you feel at ease a great base for a good photo.


have a sip

I didn’t yesterday (I mean it was Monday, that’s pushing it) but a little nip of soda or something white that comes in a high glass helps to loosen those hips. Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone does it.

One more thing. When posing, think of how you want to look. Recently a photographer took a group photo and told us all to look ‘proud’. Everyone looked great. Go for it. I’ll be looking for you on Instagram.